Rob Marciano: “Wife Having a Baby” [Today]

American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano concluded his final weather report yesterday, nonchalantly announcing, “Guys, wife having a baby tomorrow. So, I’ll see you guys…in a couple of weeks.”* In response, childless co-anchor Carol Costello joyfully exclaimed, “Oh! Congratulations!” Chiming in less cheerfully, co-host Christine Romans, mother of three, remarked, “I have one piece of advice: Go take a long nap this afternoon–and, then, you’ll take the next one in five years.”

Nodding his head, Rob concurred, “Yeah, today may be the day. With a smile, the father-to-be sarcastically added, “I hadn’t heard that piece of advice yet, Christine. Thank you very much.” After Rob had segued to the two, Carol commented, “Thanks, Rob! We can’t wait to see the pictures,” and Christine declared, “That’s awesome! That’s very awesome.”

Subsequently, in dire need of Roget or Rodale, apparently, Christine Tweeted, “Congrats @robmarcianoCNN on the impending baby. AWESOME!” In response, an appreciative Rob revealed the sex of his child: he wrote, “Thanks! She‘ll need a Dr. Seuss edition of Smart is the New Rich. :-) [Italics added for emphasis.]

Congratulations to you and your wife, Rob!

American Morning – 11/15/11 (@ 8:17 a.m. ET)

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2 Responses to “Rob Marciano: “Wife Having a Baby” [Today]”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    There’s already a Dr. Seuss version of “Smart is the New Rich”. It’s called “The Sneetches.”

    Do you remember Sylvester McMonkey McBean
    Who invents the “Star On” and the “Star Off” machine?

    He preyed upon people’s fears and pride and subsequently become a rich man. Er, I mean a rich sneetch, or …..whatever.

    BTW, J, check out my new blog posting (link on the name). The Worst of Richard Collins New Orleans restaurant reviews!

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