Banderas: Half-Naked…Promiscuous Big Bird

Patti Ann Browne: We’d like to see photos, Julie! FNC correspondent Julie Banderas bawdily spiced up her America’s Newsroom Halloween report this morning. After her story on a study showing Americans spending approximately $7 billion this year and more adults using the holiday as an escape, she saucily commented, “Patti Ann…the survey did not cover why it is [that] this is the time of year women decide to go out half-naked.”*

As a smiling AM guest co-host PAB reddened and an animated AM co-anchor Bill Hemmer chortled in the background, Julie added, “I mean, you do realize…if you look at look at women’s costumes online–I was looking at Elmo’s costumes [for daughter Addison Melissa]–I’m dressing up as Big Bird. A promiscuous Big Bird costume is all I could find.”

“Really?” an instantly intrigued PAB asked. “I’m not kidding!” Julie answered. Chuckling, Patti Ann spicily replied, “I didn’t know there was such a thing. But, we’d like to see photos, Julie!” Nodding, a grinning Julie responded, “No, it’s scary. I will show you.”

As PAB beamed and Bill began to randily reply, “That’s the,”, a suddenly demure Julie put up her hands and unconvincingly insisted, “No, I’m covering up: I’m not going to be one of the promiscuous Big Birds.”

Chuckling, Bill responded, “Banderas, that’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said.” As a somewhat chagrined Julie giggled, Bill concluded, “Really! Well played. See you later.” Succinctly, a smiling Juliet concurred, “Yeah!”

Halloween on Sesame Street: Banderas–a better bird.

*America’s Newsroom – 10/31/11 (@ 10:37 a.m. ET)

Update: When a Twitter follower asked if Julie’s hubby Andrew Sansone would go as Mr. Snufolupogus since she had said that she was going as Big Bird and Addison as Elmo, Julie teased, “It’ll b [sic] a surprise. I’ll post pics later!”

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6 Responses to “Banderas: Half-Naked…Promiscuous Big Bird”

  1. Al Says:

    When including someone’s Twitter post, where it’s normal and accepted to use ‘r u’ for “are you” or ‘b’ for “be”, is it necessary to indicate such spellings with “(sic)”?

  2. jakeho Says:

    Al, no negative connotation intended by the use of “sic”: it was merely an indication that the quote was as cited.

  3. Al Says:

    A negative connotation didn’t occur to me, Jake; my question was serious.

  4. jakeho Says:

    As to your question, Al, I don’t think that “sic” would normally be needed. However, since the “b” was the lone such abbreviation, I included it for clarity.

  5. Al Says:

    That makes sense. At first glance the clarification seems odd – redundant, even – used in reference to a Twitter quote. But… there’s probably quite a few readers who have no clue about the workings of Twitter.

    My original post about this arose simply because I was arguing with myself on whether I would have done the same. Yeah… your headline includes ‘Half-Naked” and “Banderas”, and I’m wondering about your adverb usage. Go figure.

  6. empires and allies cheat Says:

    empires and allies cheat

    Banderas: Half-Naked…Promiscuous Big Bird | Carpe Diem

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