Bocephus: Boycott F&F (and ESPN)

“That’s exactly what I said!” Unrepentant, rebel country music superstar Hank Williams affirmed his call for a boycott of FNC’s top-rated Fox & Friends in his latest release. In response to ESPN’s apparent axing of his long-standing Monday Night Football promo after a controversial “Fox & Friends” interview, Williams retaliated with “Keep the Change,” a free download to his fans. In his new record, Williams complains that F&F twisted his words: then, he acerbically lilts, “Yeah, you can keep Fox & Friends and ESPN out of your homes, too [because] Bocephus and all of his rowdy friends and his song are out of there. Yes, sir!”

Yesterday, Williams visited The View to make his “apology.” In the course of the virtual lovefest, Barbara Walters did him to task for his call for his call for a boycott of F&F and ESPN. After pointing out that ESPN (like ABC, the home of The View) was owned by Disney, she remarked, “But, you are now telling people that Fox & Friends and ESPN, other people should boycott them.” Rather than offer amends, a somewhat embittered Bocephus responded, “That’s exactly what I said!”

Later in the day, Williams appeared on FNC’s Hannity.* When co-host Sean Hannity mentioned his The View reception, Williams gushed, “Oh, it was fantastic!” Subsequently, when Hannity asked him about his departure from ESPN, he strangely failed to ask him about his call for a boycott of Fox & Friends. Perhaps, it was understandable. All in the FOX family?

As the interview began to conclude, Hannity commented, “You know what, I love football….I’m gonna miss your open.” With a glint in his eye, Williams responded, “Well, stand by for 2012. It’s a free country with lots of options and lots of choices.” Hannity replied, “So, in other words, we may not have heard the last of Hank Williams, Jr., on football?” Grinning, Williams answered, “We’ve been contacted today. The song is mine, Sean!”

Subsequently, smacking his ring forcefully on the desk, Williams continued, “Let’s talk about the poll. They had a poll…’who would you like to have on do the Monday Night [Football] 53% me!” Chuckling, Sean jested, “You don’t look as good as Faith Hill but she does Monday Night Football.” Williams replied, “No, no, no, no! But, that’s another network. But, there are other networks.” Hannity replied, “Yes, there are. Fox is one of them!” Shaking his head emphatically, Williams answered, “Uh, yeah!”

“Ready for some non-ESPN football,” FOX fans? The answer sounded pellucidly clear. Ready for some Fox & Friends? Bocephus ain’t!

Author’s aside: For a related Carpe Diem story, cf. “F&F’s Bizarre Bocephus: Obama Like Hitler?

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2 Responses to “Bocephus: Boycott F&F (and ESPN)”

  1. frannie Says:

    Hank is getting senile. Why is it everyone else’s fault what falls out of his piehole? the View? Really?

  2. TheUnsilentMajority Says:

    Like all of the other drones out there you’re missing the point. Nobody should be at fault. It’s atrocious what they did to this man.
    Just what exactly did he say that would cause anyone to be at “fault”? Does he not have the right to express his opinion? Does he not have the right to facilitate that expression with an analogy? I would agree with the notion that all should be held accountable for their actions, and even their opinions, but this attack on Hank Jr. was unprovoked and should be shunned by all. There was absolutely nothing inappropriate with what he said. Nothing! You have to be one of two things to believe otherwise; dishonest or an illiterate fool.

    What the hell is wrong with you people? This isn’t a joke, it’s not funny. You’re not being cute. Is this the world that you want? Is this your Utopia?

    Why don’t you try using this forum to help solve some of our endless problems instead of polluting our brains with your mindless drivel.

    And for the record…Hank never apologized to anyone. Liar.

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