Martha’s Slip Shows: Roger’s High “Five”

MacCallum right: The Five, Shine’s summer show permanent. Today, Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes confirmed what America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum let slip six days ago as reported by Carpe Diem: I.e., Fox News viewers will “be watching [co-hosts Andrea Tantaros and Bob Beckel] over the course of a year on The Five.” According to Fox News Insider, Ailes announced that “The Five has been picked up as a scheduled program for [FNC’s] 5 PM/ET time slot.

Once again, thanks for the tip, Martha, and, congrats, Five’rs!

H/t, J$P for the Tweet.

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2 Responses to “Martha’s Slip Shows: Roger’s High “Five””

  1. Filthy McNasty Says:

    Man, I done went back and looked at that there episode you was talking about, rewinding such and playing that thing over 4 or 5 times proper, but didn’t see Martha’s slip show. Man, you sure you got the right episode, hoss?

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