Juliet’s Amber Ring

“Engagement ring?” Strangely, Fox & Friends Weekend guest anchor Juliet Huddy wore her large amber ring on her true ring finger again today.” When a curious viewer inquired whether it was an “engagement ring,” she Tweeted, “Just a ring I bought myself. Doesn’t fit on other fingers.” Perhaps–today.

However, Juliet’s observant fans have seen her amber ring migrate from  her true “ring finger” on her left hand to the corresponding one of her right hand and back again repeatedly. For example, when she was reunited with her former TV hubby Mike Jerrick on F&FW on August 13 of this year, she wore the very same ring on her RIGHT hand.*

Obviously, the thrice-married and thrice-divorced Juliet knows full well the message that a ring on her left ring finger signals. Ergo, she may have fudged the truth a bit today. Yes, physiological factors may determine whether her amber ring fits on her right hand or her left on any given day: However, she may simply be sending somewhat subtle signals to her male admirers from day to day. I.e., “stay away” or “I’m still in play.”

Apparently, today, it was stay away. Or, at least, proceed with caution.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/13/11 (@ 7:00 a.m. ET)

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2 Responses to “Juliet’s Amber Ring”

  1. juliet's_votary Says:

    I first noticed it when she was on The Five, and it’s been jumping back and forth between hands ever since.

  2. Juliet Explains Ring « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] do I get this one?” Today, fill-in Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy dismissed anew any rumors that the large amber ring on her right ring finger indicated that she was betrothed. The […]

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