Clayton: “”The Very Hot Pink Alisyn Camerota”

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota was definitely back this Saturday in fine form. Welcoming the viewers to the show in her sexy short, low-cut dress, Aly cooed, “Morning, everybody! Wake up: rise and shine. I hope my dress helps that.” And, of course, it did–at least, her co-hosts, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs.

In response to Aly’s remark, Clayton quickly eyed her up and down: then, holding his hands up and squinting as if to protect himself from its glare, he jested, “Whoa!” Meanwhile, perhaps, more subtly ogling the Bristol Bay babe, a smiling Dave declared, “It does! It woke me up far more than my coffee this morning.” Chuckling, Aly replied, “I know. I…recommend for the rest of the show [to] wear your sunglasses.”

However, Aly’s boys were not necessarily wont to follow her advice. When the trio returned to welcome their F&FW audience at a later hour,* Clayton introduced himself and Dave: then turning to Aly rather rakishly, he proclaimed, “The very hot pink Alisyn Camerota.” And, indeed, she was.

F&FW‘s long-lost Aly was really back.

*Fox & Friends – 09/24/10 (2nd hour – according to the author’s recollection)

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