Juliet Huddy’s Odd O’Reilly Appearance

Osama bin Laden still alive? Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy was back–stranger still. Last week Juliet curiously called GOP candidate and libertarian icon Ron Paul a “yellow belly” on the O’Reilly Factor and suggested that anchor Bill O’Reilly should slap Paul figuratively and/or literally for not returning to the show. This Wednesday, she seemed to have more comically missed the missive that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. troops in May.

At the beginning of Juliet’s weekly “Did You See That?” segment, O’Reilly played a September 14th “The View” clip of Michael Moore apparently advocating the trial of terrorists in U.S. courts and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck anachronistically retorting that [the deceased] Osama bin Laden does [sic] not deserve a trial in New York City.* When O’Reilly asked Juliet for her opinion of the debate, Juliet responded, “Frankly, for him to say that Osama bin Laden deserves or should be tried here in the United States, first no. No, he doesn’t. We know he’s a killer….We don’t need to try him. There isn’t any proof to be shown. We all know he is and he admits it.”

Subtly correcting her and setting the record straight for viewers, O’Reilly responded, “Naw. He, he, he declared war on the United States and the military took him out.” In response, Juliet blankly looked straight ahead as he segued to a question on an MTV fighting teenage mom.

Oops! Perhaps, Juliet’s simply had her tense usage wrong–or, maybe, her mind was merely muddled as she entered San Francisco’s clime. After all, before her appearance on O’Reilly, she Tweeted, “Driving over foggy Golden Gate Bridge on way to do O’Reilly. See you tonite!”  Perchance, after embracing her new “foggy” bohemian environs a mite too much in the interval, Juliet simply lost her short-term memory for the moment.

Nevertheless, an “odd” Juliet is better than no Juliet.

*O’Reilly Factor – 09/14/11 – @ 8:48 p.m. ET

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3 Responses to “Juliet Huddy’s Odd O’Reilly Appearance”

  1. purpleslog Says:

    Wasn’t Osama killed during here mysterious disappearance? The golden fate tweet was weird.

  2. Jakeho Says:

    Purpleslog, actually, Juliet had been back for about a few weeks. She resurfaced in mid-April.* Bin Laden was killed on May 1.**



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