Gretchen: Hoping That I Could Forget @ That!

Cloris Leachman: “the chaos I cause.” The morning after–after Leachman’s lascivious lickings! When Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson heard comedic legend Cloris Leachman’s voiced-over intro to the show this morning,  she exclaimed, “Oh, god! I was hoping I could forget about that!” Smiling, co-host Steve Doocy replied, “She was great [in her F&F appearance yesterday]! She was funny.” Not as amused, “Gretchen groused, “Yeah, ’til she went for my ear!”

Chiming in, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade remarked, “She also…went after Bobby Bowden while he was doing a sports radio interview in the green room after our show. She was very aggressive with him and Bobby Bowden didn’t even know what was happening.” Steve concluded, “See, that’s the problem. If you miss a little of Fox & Friends, you miss a lot.”

If the reader did miss Chloris Leachman’s appearance yesterday, it was “a lot” of loco Leachman. Even before her return appearance (after licking Brian’s neck during a November 2010 F&F interview), Leachman had hinted that she would be up to her old tricks: She Tweeted, “Taking my foxy self over to @foxandfriends Watch it tomorrow It airs live, so the chaos I’m planning to cause will be shown unedited. ;)” When she showed up yesterday for the pre-commercial-break tease to her segment, Leachman saucily went up to the camera and tartly stuck her tongue out as if to lick the lens.

Subsequently, Leachman more than lived up to her promise during the interview. After she had promoted her series “Raising Hope and as the segment was nearing its end, Leachman leaned over toward Brian as if to lick him again. When a beaming Brian responded, “I, I don’t think we should relive the moment, she replied, “Well, it’s going to be awfully embarrassing if I’m this far.” Bending forward, Brian gamely consented, saying, “Okay. Go ahead.” As she proceeded to lick Brian’s right ear, Gretchen exclaimed, “Oh, my god!” and then screamed.

But, Leachman was not done: When she turned to tongue a reluctant Steve’s left ear, a reddened Gretchen again uttered, “Oh, my god.” After Leachman had done the dirty deed, Brian jested, “Wow! And, it’s a bit of a relie[f]. Now, we got rid of the tension, we can go along with the interview. And, now, we’re out of time.”

As a grimacing Gretchen leaned forward in relief, a lecherous Leachman turned to her with a wicked gleam in her eye and moved toward a ruddy Gretchen. As she did, an alarmed Gretchen exclaimed, “Oh! No, no!” Fleeing the couch for safety, an embarrassed Gretchen continued, “Okay, okay! I’m going over to Kristin [Chenoweth (her next guest)]. Hey, Kristin!”

Vintage F&F.


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