Andrea Tantaros On: Heavy-Breathing Beckel Off

Martha MacCallum: “very Darth Vader.” The Five co-host and liberal playboy Bob Beckel seemed to have it bad for his sexy conservative co-anchor Andrea Tantaros this morning. When the two appeared together on America’s Newsroom in their weekly debate segment, the long-tressed Greek lovely opined on Michele Bachmann’s performance in the GOP Presidential debate: As she did so in a solo shot, Bob could be heard breathing belaboredly off-camera.*

When Andrea had finished, AN co-anchor Bill Hemmer chuckled, “I hear Bob breathing heavy [sic]. I don’t know if that’s because of the question or.” Before he could finish, a grinning Andrea giggled, “Probably ’cause of me!” Grinning, Bill continued, “The coming answer. Or is it Tantaros?” Slightly smiling, Bob stammered, “Juh, juh, it’s just being on, it’s just being on here on the show, Bill, [that] does it.”

As the segment ended, Bill kidded, “Well, you got seven hours [until FNC’s The Five] to catch your breath, Bob. And, we’ll see you both at five o’clock. Alright?” Beaming broadly, a reddening Bob stuttered, “I, you, you, I’ll catch it as best I can.” After Bill had thanked his two guests, his co-anchor Martha MacCallum aptly added, “I mean–very Darth Vader.”

Bad boy Bob Beckel: The Five’s “dark side”?

*America’s Newsroom – 09/13/11 (@ 9:46 a.m. ET)


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4 Responses to “Andrea Tantaros On: Heavy-Breathing Beckel Off”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Hey don’t make light of poor Mr. Beckel’s severe asthmatic condition! He suffers from labored breathing due to asthma caused by years of poker, cheap cigars, and bareknuckled Democrat hardball sessions in the back of Ted Glotzmeyer’s bar and grill on the corner of 33rd and Schott in east Cincinnati where he was Ward boss.

    He’s earned his “right to rasp.”

  2. tmdmwhel Says:

    He suffers from labored breathing due to the fact that his head is up his butt – to the collarbone.

  3. RagsTTiger Says:

    I do enjoy the spirited discussions on The Five. Rarely do I agree with Bob, but always appreciate his participation. I do worry about him, as he seems to be packing on the pounds of late. I remember when he had his heart attack a few years back, He’s got to take better care of himself if he is to carry on his “fight”

  4. dale mason Says:

    i think they are more than just fellow workers maybe love is in the air

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