Megyn Kelly Disappears

With her show without a word. Apparently, even America Live anchor Megyn Kelly’s lead-in, Happening Now guest host Greg Jarrett, was caught off guard this afternoon: as Jarrett confidently segued from HN to the next Fox News program at 1:00 pm. ET, Jarrett remarked, “America Live begins right now.” Apparently, getting a quick word from his producer, Jarrett quickly glanced at his computer screen and corrected himself, saying, “America’s News Headquarters.”

Subsequently, the screen switched to ANHQ and Kelly Wright began with a “News Alert”: Then, after finishing it, he remarked, “This is America’s News Headquarters. I’m Kelly Wright.” Thereafter, his comely blonde co-host chimed, “Great to see you, Kelly….I’m Jamie Colby.”

Oddly, neither Kelly nor Jamie mentioned that, at least, for the day, they were replacing Megyn Kelly and America’s News HQ was supplanting America Live. Furthermore, to the author’s knowledge, Megyn did not mention yesterday that she or her program would be absent today (Friday). Moreover, Megyn failed to alert her Twitter followers to any AL changes either. Not to mention, when the author consulted FNC’s on-air schedule at FNC’s web site (at 1:55 p.m. ET), the “Now” tab showed no program for the 1:00pm slot but rather started with the 3:00 pm one (Studio B w/ Shepard Smith).

Strange indeed. Wherefore art thou, Megyn? Fox News flub-up or Shine “shakeup”?

[Author’s aside: Even at the start of the second hour and at the end of show, both Jamie and Kelly failed to acknowledge the obvious–the absence of Megyn Kelly and her show America Live.]

Update: On Labor Day itself, Megyn answered: She and America Live reappeared. Perhaps, it had been merely a Fox News flub-up. Or, was it Shine’s inadvertent portent?

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4 Responses to “Megyn Kelly Disappears”

  1. semby Says:

    She mentioned it; it was a power panel that she usually has on Friday, she said she was going to have it a “day earlier”.

    Everyone usually takes Friday off before a holiday. O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta, etc.

  2. jerziegrl Says:

    your right, everyone does take the day off, but usually the show remains they just have a sub. Her show wasn’t even on. That’s what is bizarre.

  3. Al Says:

    FNC usually runs a semi-weekend schedule on the Fridays of a long holiday weekend, All but one or two of their “A” team hosts take the day off, as well. So there was nothing “odd” about the two hosts ignoring the schedule change.

    You can bet that the seemingly last-minute programming changes are simply for ratings advantages. The same expected-but-lower than-usual ratings of “America Live” on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and without Kelly would still be a big boost for a weekend programme such as “America’s News Headquarters”.

    Along this same line, Juliet Huddy used to be an “A” team talent and may still be one by contract. Could very well be that her extended leave was in lieu of money and/or for bringing her “star power” to some weekends and holidays.

  4. J Michael Says:

    Megyn is a huge natural attraction for Fox in every way. Definitely ready for Primetime.

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