Lauren Sivan Moving: Yoga Tape “Missing”

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld: Sadly, the voice of Long Island is leaving us. This morning Gutfeld cheekily announced that New York reporter Lauren Sivan was departing New York City for “newer and, hopefully, more sober opportunities in Los Angeles.”* In his paean to the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” with the “tramp stamp,” Gutfeld ran a cinematic collage of Lauren’s past appearances.

As Gutfeld did, he teased, “Have you [Lauren] ever got in trouble for anything you put online work-wise? When she coyly answered, “I don’t have any online accounts,” a TV test pattern with the graphic “tape missing YOGA NEWS 11/7/2009” appeared.* At the end of the montage of her vintage clips, a smiling Lauren declared, “Vapid and yet obscene. I think I just lost my new job. Thank you, Greg!”

Hopefully, not. However, when “TV’s Andy Levy” asked her in the “Postgame Wrap-Up” whether she wanted to tell the viewers where she was going or not, she enigmatically remarked, “I’m going to Los Angeles, a little town called Los Angeles, um, to, to, to work for FOX in a different capacity.” In response, Andy sarcastically replied, “That was good, Lauren: people know exactly where to find you.”

Given her history with FNC, perhaps, Lauren was wise to omit the details of her future FOX job. At least, Greg had cut her famously sexy “Yoga News” segment, which has been quite the hit with her red-blooded male admirers–if not the Fox News suits. At the time Lauren performed the racy workout, one Twitter follower was so enraptured that he sent Lauren links to the hi-def caps of it. In response, she replied, “Thank You! I will either get promoted or fired for this:).”: Less than three months later, she sadly bid adieu to her fans.

Good luck, Lauren: you’ll be missed. Hopefully, you’ll return to Red Eye on your next visit to the Big Apple. Until then, your RE fans still have the memories–and the vid.

[Author’s aside: Lauren’s “missing” Red Eye tape can be found here.]

*Red Eye – 08/31/11 (@ 3:52 a.m. ET)

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