Penguin Poops: HuffPo Oops!

Carpe Diem: scanned but unread? Someone at the Huffington Post has egg–or penguin poop-on his face. After Carpe Diem reported that karma visited Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade Wednesday in the form of African penguin dung for his maligning of Happy Feet (the straying Antarctica penguin who ended up in New Zealand), HuffPo appeared to retell the story without a customary “h/t.”

Perhaps, as a result, karma revisisted HuffPo. Apparently, the HuffPo author merely scanned the Carpe Diem article before penning his own. In the beginning of the Carpe Diem column, F&F‘s co-anchor Gretchen Carlson’s warning to Brian after he disparaged Happy Feet a month ago was quoted. Unfortunately, the HuffPo columnist did not read more closely or he would have realized that Juliet Huddy, not Gretchen Carlson, was co-hosting Wednesday: since he did not, he erroneously dubbed the F&F co-host as Gretchen Carlson in an apparent rewrite of Carpe Diem‘s “Kilmeade’s Karma: A Penguin’s Revenge.”

HuffPo‘s chagrin: it’s karma?

[Author’s aside: If the reader watches HuffPo‘s own vid, Juliet Huddy is clearly seen for a brief moment during the abbreviated penguin segment. P.S. TVNewser got it right three days later.]

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