Hurricane Huddy: Camerota a Casualty?

“I’m Dave Briggs, Juliet Huddy is in, [and] Brian is in for a vacationing Clayton Morris.” As Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Juliet Huddy celebrated Saturday her third straight weekend at the F&FW helm since Megyn Kelly returned from maternity leave, Juliet Huddy abandoned her usual “in for Alisyn Camerota” intro each hour. Instead, she simply said, “I’m Juliet Huddy.” As Aly’s four-month-plus absence from F&FW continues, her co-anchor Clayton Morris’ “maternity shuffle” explanation becomes less and less credible: in contrast, Carpe Diem‘s suggested “Shine shakeup” seems more and more realistic.

Yesterday, F&FW co-host Dave Briggs did nothing to dispel any rumor that Juliet had replaced Aly on the curvy couch for good: in fact, he continuously fueled the fire. Shortly after Juliet began the show saying, “I’m Juliet Huddy” and greeted F&FW guest co-anchor Brian Kilmeade, Dave did not add his customary “Juliet Huddy in for Alisyn Camerota” but rather pointed to Brian and remarked, “By the way, Brian in for a vacationing Clayton Morris this morning.” Two hours later, after Juliet Huddy again introduced herself, simply saying, “I’m Juliet Huddy,” Dave commented, “Clayton Morris is off….Brian is here in his place. Juliet here.” Subsequently, when the final hour began with Juliet repeating her new abbreviated intro, “I’m Juliet Huddy,” Dave declared, “I’m Dave Briggs, Juliet Huddy is in, [and] Brian in for a vacationing Clayton Morris.” But, again, not a single word about the missing Aly.

Nevertheless, the trio talked often about Clayton. Not only did Dave repeatedly reference the “vacationing Clayton Morris” but also Brian Kilmeade began the show acerbically ribbing Clayton for remaining on vacation while the President and NJ Governor Chris Christie cut theirs short for Hurricane Irene. Furthermore, Juliet revealed that Clayton had gone to Ocean Springs, Maryland, and Dave disclosed that he had had to be evacuated.

However, today, no mention was made of either Clayton or Aly. Rather, F&FW producers obviated the problem by introducing the co-hosts (Dave, Juliet and guest co-anchor Steve Doocy) via a banner beneath the trio rather than the usual self-introductions.* Nevertheless, Juliet seemed to limn F&FW‘s future even more pellucidly. She Tweeted, “Quite the 24 hours….See you on FnF’s Friday thru Labor Day.”

And, speaking of labor, Clayton, a pregnant Megyn leaves her show for four months but her non-gravid “maternity shuffle” partner Aly is still not scheduled to return to F&FW almost a month later? Seems implausible at best. Rather, it sounds more like a “Shine shakeup” or yet another of his F&FW anchor defenestrations without properly apprising the audience.

Perhaps, Shine is using the special coverage of Hurricane Irene to transition stealthily between Aly and Juliet. If so, maybe, some F&FW‘s viewers won’t notice. But, Carpe Diem readers will.

*[Author’s aside: At the beginning of the first two hours, Dave, Julie, and Steve were given an introduction only with the regular chyron: however, at the start of the final two, strangely none was given at all.]

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15 Responses to “Hurricane Huddy: Camerota a Casualty?”

  1. joshng01 Says:

    You know what? I bet Alisyn would be glad to have some time off.
    There’s such a thing as too much work

  2. semby Says:

    I think you are over-reacting. Ally worked so much while MK was on maternity leave. She is probably taking a much needed break. She worked every day; 2 hours a day sometimes 3. She’s scheduled as a part timer and a fillin. If there was a change; this would not be the case………

  3. Al Says:

    She even said on the air during her last America’s Newsroom that she was taking time off. Since she hasn’t done any web or radio time, either, I’d assume she’s off on holiday somewhere.

  4. Susan Says:

    I’m afraid what you’re alluding to may be true. What a mistake replacing Alisyn would be. He brought her in to “train” the new boys on the block, which she did to perfection, and now ….? I hope if she doesn’t return, it’s because that’s her choice. It’ll be a loss for FOX. (And I hope we find out the truth at some point.)

  5. Msa Says:

    She’s on vacation till after Sept 5. I think juilet is in all of labor day weekend.

  6. Susan Says:

    Well, there she is this morning in the center seat on the curvy couch! Yay!

  7. jakeho Says:

    Indeed, Susan. Great to see her on F&F–albeit the weekday version.

  8. hgb3 Says:

    Hey, you gonna give all dese people a break, or what? They just had demselves a hurricane, man! Once Mayor Morial opens up Elysian Fields and the parking situation down on Rampart returns to normal, then….


    —-WORDPRESS SITE MANAGER NOTICE———–This posting has been terminated and re-routed back to its intended destination: The Dave Robinette Show on WWL, August 15, 1986. Sorry for any inconvenience which may have been caused.

  9. Al Says:

    FNC aired a F&FW promo tonight fully featuring Camerota. Since she seems to be included among the A-team talent, you know she won’t be working Labor Day weekend so no surprise Huddy is in.

    Also, for this past weekend I think it was billed as a F&F Special for hurricane coverage, with Briggs, Huddy, and Kilmeade/Doocy listed on the respective Sat/Sun schedules. That’s probably why they dropped the “in for” introductions.

  10. jakeho Says:

    Al, Aly is definitely “A-team talent.” As such, she may finally get the weekday F&F gig. Re her purported return to F&FW, the probative value of that general promo appears rather tenuous at best: It certainly was not trumpeting Aly’s long awaited reappearance at the F&FW helm.

  11. Al Says:

    I believe Gretchen Carlson recently re-signed with FNC, so it’s unlikely there’s a change coming for the weekday gig any time soon.

    And I didn’t mean “A-team” in the subjective; I meant that in terms of her contract as it appears she gets whatever the weekday anchors do.

  12. Al Says:

    As an afterthought, FNC didn’t much “trumpet” Megyn Kelly’s long awaited return, either. From a product marketing standpoint, I wouldn’t either – it’s about the product, not the individuals presenting it.

  13. juliet's_votary Says:

    Did anyone see the new F&FW commercial??? It’s Juliet!

  14. J Michael Says:

    I like the members of FFW, but the show has no solid planning and reiterates too much. Producers need more surprises and variety either through investigative reporting or special guest hosts. There is no spark just redundant reprisals hour after hour.

  15. F&FW’s Alisyn Camerota: I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] clear: FNC had dubbed Juliet queen again of the F&FW curvy couch. After all, Aly had been strangely absent from her F&FW post for almost five months (approximately one month longer than the purported “maternity […]

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