Kiran Chetry: Miss Nepal USA 2011?

You be the judge! Three weeks after tearfully leaving American Morning for a “very special opportunity,” Kathmandu’s comely Kiran Chetry reemerged into the limelight as a judge of the Miss Nepal USA 2011 beauty pageant Saturday. As she proudly paid tribute to her homeland’s lovelies, Kiran further served up a sop to her fervent fans who impatiently await her next move.

Before judging the Miss Nepal USA 2011 contest Saturday, Kiran solicited queries from her Twitter followers for the pageant contestants. Then, she posted photos of the judges (including herself) and several apparent competitors. Finally, when Miss Nepal USA 2011 Sujita Basnet was crowned the winner, Kiran sent out a pic with her congratulations.

Yes, Miss Nepal USA was assuredly gorgeous: But, so was Nepal’s “Ray of Light.” Kiran was back for a mere moment and looked better than ever. But, when will Nepal’s real beauty queen finally return to her ardent acolytes?

Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to “Kiran Chetry: Miss Nepal USA 2011?”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    I’d like to go ahead and order tickets for next year’s Miss Nepal….I don’t think I’d ever want to leave! Miss Basnet is indeed a looker. BTW, I’ve updated my blog. Have a free look!

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    […] morning.” Yesterday American Morning co-host Ali Velshi pined for Kiran Chetry, his  beautiful former AM co-host. After her hubby, meteorologist Chris Knowles, appeared anew on A.M.: Wake-Up Call for a weather […]

  3. america Says:

    Articolo da far conoscere. Sul tema in di cui scrivi qualche giorno fa
    ne ho letto tanto, ma ritengo che questo sia particolare.

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    […] [Author's aside: The subtitle, supra, refers to Kiran's role as a 2011 Miss Nepal US[A] judge.] […]

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