Juliet Huddy: Inside a “Philly Sandwich”

Clayton Morris: “Juliet, I’ll be over a little bit later to help you with your plumbing.” FNC anchor Juliet Huddy returned to the center seat on the curvy couch this weekend between regular F&FW co-host Clayton Morris and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick. When Mike noted today that Juliet was with a “couple of Philly guys,” she laughed and naughtily stated, “A Philly sandwich!” And, quite a sandwich it was–at least, yesterday.

As the two-day reunion between Juliet and her former F&FW hubby Mike began Saturday innocently enough, Mike remarked, “All of the sudden we’re back in 2002 (when the two co-hosted F&FW with Julian Phillips).” Clayton chuckled, “Feel like I’m in a time warp, too. Yeah, hi, hey, a third wheel.” But, he did not remain one for the entire show.

About two hours later, after a “Marriage Matters” segment with comedian Steven Crowder, Mike pointed to Juliet, joking, “We’ve known each other so long people do think that we’ve dated….We are like a married couple though: we annoy each other and there’s no sex.”*

Perhaps, with Juliet and Mike’s purported platonic relationship in mind, Clayton decided to make his own Philly “pass” at Juliet about an hour later. After a Home Depot segment on replacing a faucet ended, Clayton tossed backed to Mike and Juliet, randily deadpanning, “Juliet, I’ll be over a little bit later to help you with your plumbing.”** As a blushing Juliet shook her head and smiled, Mike arched his eyebrow and exclaimed, “Well!”

Feigning innocence, Clayton insisted, “She said, she said she needed it!” Reddening even more, Juliet stammered, “I, I, I didn’t.” Grinning goatishly, Mike jested, “It could, it could use some help.” Suddenly, Mike’s words were muted–perhaps, by the producers–as his lips continued to move. Seemingly, still at a loss for words, an embarrassed single Juliet simply giggled in response.

Juliet’s F&FW “Philly Sandwich”: extra beef and a little cheese.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/13/11 (@ 7:55 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at 8:42 a.m. ET.

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8 Responses to “Juliet Huddy: Inside a “Philly Sandwich””

  1. RagsTTiger Says:

    The Mike, Juliette and Clayton combo captures the F&F feeling of old. Four hours of news and fun. Juliet proves yet again that she is the straw that stirs the drink on the show.

  2. purpleslog Says:

    That was the best F&F Threesome in years! Juliet & Mike are perfect. I was surprised, but Clayton worked out well (I am usually neutral on him).

    If FNC management was smart, they would make the the regular Saturday AM staff..

  3. crispy Says:

    Agree with purpleslog

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