Dave Briggs: Sleep in Sunday

“[Because] @ClaytonMorris & [I] are off.” Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend fans, co-anchor Dave Briggs did alert his Twitter followers to “sleep in Sunday” because “@ClaytonMorris & [he] are off.”  Apparently, Dave was miffed anew that he and Clayton would be replaced yet again for another special edition Fox & Friends Weekend tomorrow (probably by the F&F “A Team” boys, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy). After about two hours, Clayton more circumspectly confirmed that the two were off indeed off tomorrow because of the “special debt coverage.”

Bravo, Dave! Even though FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine may not fully appreciate your frankness, your fans assuredly do and may well welcome the chance to “sleep in Sunday.” Even though the author still intends to watch the probable “A Team” play tomorrow, he thinks that it is long past time for Shine to put you and Clayton together in a big game to see what you have got.

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6 Responses to “Dave Briggs: Sleep in Sunday”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I am sure that Dave Briggs is able to handle any special coverage and do not like having the week day people replace them on the week end. I will definitely sleep in tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s obvious that Mr. Shine feels the importance of the Debt Crisis story justifies coverage by his A-Team.

    He is also confident that his first team “marionettes” will not ad lib or deviate from Mr. Ailes script.

  3. tmdmwhel Says:

    Anyday I’m presented with the orange princess with the bad haircut and that clown Doucey is a day to sleep through it. What a nightmare. How are they considered the A-team? I’d rather get my news and opinion from the cast of the A-team TV series.

  4. mediaho Says:

    Doocy is indeed a clown, IMHO he is a pathetic middle aged buffoon,
    smirking & making silly faces and yucking it up like a adolescent class clown trying to impress the girls. His young son is more adult, mature and professional than his father.

  5. Susan Says:

    Where IS Brian? It seems like he’s been gone several days. On Monday, I thought maybe they brought in the business guy to help discuss the market situation, but there’s been a revolving door on that seat on the curvy couch all wee.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Susan, Brian is on vacation. He’ll be back Monday. (Link: http://twitter.com/#!/kilmeade/status/101798793246289920.)

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