Christine: Damsel in Distress?

Ali to the rescue! Like a fairy-tale knight coming to the aid of his damsel in despair, American Morning co-anchor Ali Velshi rushed to the succor of his co-host Christine Romans during her interview of Florida Governor Rick Scott today. Perhaps, AM‘s “H-Pod” did not think that his CNN partner was up to the task of jousting with her dragon who advocated against raising the debt ceiling. Or, worse yet, did he chauvinistically think that his co-host might get “hysterical” as she did?

After days of decrying the debt ceiling debate stalemate, Christine interviewed Scott who advocated against raising the federal cap. In a quite contentious colloquy, an incredulous Christine vainly tried to “enlighten” the GOP governor that that the Congress had already spent the money and that raising the ceiling meant that the United States could pay all of its bills, retain world confidence, and constrain interest rates. However, the Scott remained unswayed and continuously countered that the United States had to quit borrowing and prioritize spending as families, business, and States (like his Florida) do.

After three consecutive combative questions, an exasperated Christine exclaimed, “Wait! Wait!…With all due respect, there’s spending more money and there’s paying for what’s already spent.” Meanwhile, Ali could be seen gesticulating and heard murmuring in the background. Abruptly, Ali gratuitously interjected, “If you don’t mind, I just, I, I just have to. Governor, I, I’m not understanding. Christine’s probably asked you this four times already.”

Then, as the camera switched to Aly, he arched his eyes professorially and contemptuously lectured, “We’re not talking about spending more money! We’re talking about paying the bills you already committed to.” Then, he snarked, “Why is this difficult for you to understand, Governor!”

Without responding to Ali’s sudden sneering swipe, Scott iterated his earlier comments to Christine, stating that his State of Florida had quit spending more money and that it had prioritized its spending and that the United States should do the same. As he concluded his answer, Christine wisely reasserted control of her interview and completed the questioning without further interruption from Ali.

Christine is a big girl: She doesn’t need her male colleague Ali “gallantly” riding to her rescue. And, if she wants to do her gender justice, she won’t let him.

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2 Responses to “Christine: Damsel in Distress?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Ali is anything but chivalrous. Ali is a pathological show-stealer. He cannot keep his mouth shut. It may be an OCD issue but no matter. He had been doing the same thing to Kiran while Christine was off cutting her off and taking the opposing side to insignificant issues thinking he is cute and funny. During an interview with Phil Mickelson I could actually hear him making guttural sounds as Phil spoke chomping at the bit to interrupt and did. CNN gave him an entire show prior to AM so he could talk non-stop. It did not even make a dent.

  2. leg358 Says:

    ….and kiran doesn’t cut off people????? OMG!!! yes she does. when the camera is on the three of them, she can’t stand it. She has to be #1….tomorrow can’t get here fast enough so we can finally say GOODBYE!!!

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