Maria Molina Goes Bust

Wrap her up? Clad in her cleavage-clinging gorgeous green dress, Fox & Friends Weekend guest meteorologist Maria Molina caught the appreciative eye of many a new admirer Sunday. Perhaps, emboldened by guest co-host Juliet Huddy who proudly exhibited her own ample charms, the timid temptress, who showed scant skin as usual, seemed to seize a new confidence as she bravely displayed her fine form in a waist-hugging and bosom-embracing daring dress. And, her F&FW viewers appeared to take special note of the new Maria–if Carpe Diem readers are any indicium.

As Maria flaunted her fab figure for her F&FW fans, Carpe Diem searches for “Maria Molina” skyrocketed and views of “Maria Molina: Bye!” hit a record high. Although most readers modestly searched for Maria simply by name, more randy ones exhibited a special interest in her cleavage. Even when F&FW had ended and Maria changed into a more demure fuschia dress in her later appearances on America’s News Headquarters, her new admirers continued their quest to know the Nicaraguan beauty better.

Apparently, for her F&FW fans, when Maria goes bust, she really goes boom.

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6 Responses to “Maria Molina Goes Bust”

  1. tom freeman Says:

    Where does fox find these beautiful women

  2. Anonymous Says:

    very fine lady could watch her read ingrediants off a can of soup

  3. Steve Chaidez Says:

    Que me dejas sin aliento!

  4. Maria Molina: Cosmo’s Caliente Latina! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] version as well (sans photos for co-anchor Brian Kilmeade) Whether Maria is tempting her viewers by going “bust” (or “naked”) or simply teasing them with her subliminal “phallic” map, CD […]

  5. James Says:

    maria is a great example of how a beautiful woman can really get ahead. she took the extra step of getting a meterology degree; not just getting some lame RTV or communicatin major. she will have a job forever, and she’s gonna make bank.

  6. daniel Says:

    She is beautiful

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