CNN Countdown: @kiranchetrytv!

Get ready for blastoff, Kiran fans: her AM “end” is near! With exactly ten more days to go at CNN, American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry began the official countdown this morning from her Twitter megaphone. After posting a few Tweets today via her @kiranchetrycnn account, she suddenly morphed her handle into @kiranchetrytv without warning.

On her new Twitter page, Kiran still asked followers to “watch Kiran on CNN’s American Morning” but she had replaced her Web link to the American Morning blog with her own WeFollow page. Conversely, CNN’s American Morning blog site no longer listed Kiran’s Twitter address nor featured her as the AM anchor. (However, Kiran’s old Twitter address could still be seen in the “On Twitter” column which still included some of her Tweets.)

Nevertheless, dear reader, Kiran remains on CNN’s “Anchors & Reporters” roster: And, rightly so. In fact, Kiran’s AM (and CNN) tenure continues until July 29. Ergo, Kiran votaries, you have only one more week and two days to begin your day and brighten your morning with Nepal’s “Ray of Light.”

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3 Responses to “CNN Countdown: @kiranchetrytv!”

  1. Nick A. Says:

    I have always have been at the top of Kiran’s ardent fan list. I wish her well now and always. But dang! We just got her back on the couch where her ample charms can best be displayed and she is gone. I feel bad for me. :-(

  2. Kep Says:

    Maybe Kiran and hubby are going to buy their own tv station, with the sole purpose being to promote the gay agenda, abortion and any other issue President Obama is for. Couple of left wing kooks. You should read Chris Knowles twitter page some time-he’s crude and childish.

  3. Kep Says:

    If you look at Kiran’s mom’s twitter page, Nancy Chetry is suddenly following a whole lot of folks from ABC News. Could this be a clue as to where Kiran is going?

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