“King” Jerrick: Clayton Who?

Yet again? Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Mike Jerrick returned to the curvy couch today once more without a single word of acknowledgement of the co-anchor that he had replaced, Clayton Morris. His odd omission was made especially conspicuous in light of the fact that his fellow F&FW “guest” co-host Molly Line began each hour proclaiming that she was “in for Alisyn Camerota.” Stranger yet, co-host Dave Briggs likewise failed to mention the vacationing Clayton when he introduced Mike at the start of the show: He simply said, “Good morning to all of you! Molly and Mike are in this morning….It’s been a while, Mike.”

An unceremonious snub to Clayton? Perchance. But, perhaps, the F&FW producers merely deemed it a mite mal a propos to point out that their F&FW golden oldie was subbing for his greener, younger Philly friend. Nevertheless, even F&FW guest Karl Rove seemed to conveniently overlook his chum Clayton’s absence. In fact, when he was introduced for his regular F&FW segment by Mike, Rove fulsomely flattered, “I can’t believe it: We have the king of Philadelphia here in New York today, Mike.”*

Taking his cue, Dave playfully bent over in obiesance twice to Mike as Molly dutifully followed suit, saying, “Now, we have to bow.” Smiling, Rove remarked, “Dave, Molly, I went to Philadelphia and he made me kneel and kiss the ring before he allowed me into the studio. It was really amazing.” As a deadpanning Dave declared “Right,” Molly pointed to Mike’s ring finger, jesting, “Oh! Wow! We had to do that, too, this morning.”

Perhaps, a fitting tribute to the former F&FW royal. But, a tip of the hat to the new kid on the curvy couch who would be king might have been in order, too. Unless, of course, the “King of Philadelphia” is plotting his return to his erstwhile F&FW throne.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 07/09/11 (8:16 a.m. ET)

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4 Responses to ““King” Jerrick: Clayton Who?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    According to Clayton’s twitter, he is on vaca in Cali. I imagine he’ll be back next week.

  2. Purpleslog Says:

    Any time we get Mike Jerrick back is good.

  3. Fox Watcher Says:

    Dave just announced that Clayton is “sleeping in” this morning. It’s July; vacation time for most people!

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