Dave: Aly “Back on FOX & Friends Some Day!”

Every picture tells a story: don’t it? Early this evening, F&F Weekend co-host Clayton Morris sent a NY Mets Fox Fan Night photo of his F&FW colleagues–sans Alisyn Camerota–to his Twitter followers. Perhaps, almost apologetically, F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs later Tweeted, “Great to see my good friend @AlyatFox at Citi Field, we’ll get her back on FOX & Friends some day!

Perhaps, “some day,” F&FW fans. But, not tomorrow: Earlier today, F&FW‘s sensual “new siren,” Molly Line Tweeted, “In NYC! @ffweekend tomorrow with Clayton and Dave! http://yfrog.com/gypkeyej.”

And, probably, not Sunday either. With Aly away, Ainsley Earhardt seems to have reclaimed her Sunday center seat again as of late. Especially, with rival Juliet Huddy mysteriously still “on the mend.”

Poor, Aly. Just a week ago today, the “ringless” femme fatale rocked her boys and their Fox & Friends weekday fans hard as she sexily “work[ed] for the weekend.” However, when the F&F Weekend finally came, the hapless beauty was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she reappeared midweek  on the America’s Newsroom stoop–with her wedding band, rediscovered, wrapped securely around her ring finger.

“Some day,” Dave? Apparently, an eternity away, Aly acolytes.

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