Mike Jerrick: We’re Not Even the “B” Team

Molly Line: “I don’t know what we are: I don’t know what happened.” Nor did Fox & Friends Weekend fans as they were treated Saturday to yet another line-up of co-hosts: “the new girl” Molly Line, golden oldie Mike Jerrick, and steady standby Eric Bolling. Unfortunately, viewers were offered no on-air explanation for the absence of regular co-hosts Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota.

As FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine continued to offer up his F&FW iterations du jour with little apparent rhyme or reason, F&FW fans had to look off-air for a clue.  While Aly remained mute on her Twitter page, Clayton and Dave offered their own explanations. Before the show (Friday), Clayton Tweeted, “Enjoying a family vacation….Be back next week.” After the show (Saturday), Dave, tardily wrote, “We’re both at separate wedding’s…sleeping in. RT @MyrtleBeachSC2: WHERE R U AND CLAYTONhttps://twitter.com/#??”

As I pen this article, yet another F&FW incarnation appears: Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Mike Jerrick. As Ainsley and Mike laugh, Steve remarks, “Live from Studio E where there are three people who have never worked together at the same time. Welcome to Fox & Friends.”

Exactly. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Life is like waking up to Fox & Friends Weekend. You never know what you are going to get.”

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8 Responses to “Mike Jerrick: We’re Not Even the “B” Team”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’m enjoying this odd three-some this morning – they’re doing well together. I think Mike and Steve can work w/ anyone. But the uncertainity of whom the regular weekend crew is annoys me.

  2. motownman Says:

    Ainsley certainly brought her A game today.
    Molly’s getting better every time, too.
    They seem to be pushing each other.
    I know it isn’t FNC’s style, but I wonder if Fox would keep the Molly Saturdays/Ainsley Sundays arrangement if it decides to keep Aly on days.

  3. PurpleSlog Says:

    I like both Saturday and Sunday. They can have Mike G. on any time. I would have liked Huddy to be with him at least one of the days though.

  4. jerziegrl Says:

    it was so bizarre! no “hey, I’m mike in for Clayton today..” kind of thing. weird.

    I did enjoy seeing Mike Jerrick. He is always a riot. Ainsley did well today, but I would love to see Molly on the curvy couch if Aly stays weekdays.

  5. CathyG Says:

    Loved Saturday’s show. The guys had the knowledge and skills to expertly cover anything that was thrown at them and for a “new girl” Molly is coping just fine.

  6. Jerrick “King of Philadelphia”: Clayton Who? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] again? Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Mike Jerrick returned once more to the curvy couch today without a single word of acknowledgement of the co-anchor that he had replaced, Clayton Morris. His odd omission was made especially […]

  7. BILL IVES Says:


  8. jakeho Says:

    For Dave’s tearful take on his own departure from F&FW, cf. the link as follows: https://jakeho.wordpress.com/2012/12/22/tearful-briggs-leaves-fox-news/

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