Aly Back? Molly Laughs–Again

Dave shrugs and Clayton replies, “We don’t know.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota has been strangely missing from her show for about six weeks, and her fans are beginning to wonder if she is ever coming back. And, the “temporary” trio of co-hosts, Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Molly Line do not appear eager to allay any fears of Aly’s fans. In fact, Aly herself recently seemed to suggest cryptically that rumors of her departure from the show may be true.

Yesterday, for the second week running, Clayton, Dave, and Molly, discussed Aly’s absence from the show in a rather curious fashion. As F&FW concluded Sunday, Clayton remarked, “Our thanks to Molly Line for filling in this week. To those of you who asked when Aly’s coming back, she says, “Early June.” As he did, guest co-anchor Molly Line laughed heartily while a smiling co-host Dave Briggs pursed his lips, shrugged his shoulders, and shook his head repeatedly (as if to say no). After a pregnant pause, Clayton continued, “We don’t know.”

Similarly, last week (May 14 – Saturday), the three played out a similar scene when discussing Aly’s possible return. In it, the three almost appeared to have been rehearsing for yesterday: Molly chuckled at the prospect of Aly’s coming “back in the near future”; Dave smilingly shrugged his shoulders and shook his head (as if to say no); and Clayton uncertainly said, “She [Aly] might be back next weekend. Aly, let us know.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

Perhaps, Aly has done just that. Indirectly. Last Thursday (March 19), Aly Tweeted, “Not sure why I feel compelled to retweet RT @vin16_in_jersey: @AlyatFox the best utility anchor in the biz. u need to get your own show….” Perchance, Aly was so “compelled” not because she was deemed the best utility anchor in the biz but, rather, she, in fact, does need her own show now.

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7 Responses to “Aly Back? Molly Laughs–Again”

  1. purpleslog Says:

    It looks like Huddy is the loser in the musical chairs game.

  2. motownman Says:

    No mention of the two best moments of the weekend — Ainsley’s touching interview with former Fox Newser Rita Cosby on her book about her POW father, and Ainsley sitting on the boat with her feet dangling in the water as she readied to call the kayak race between Clayton and Dave, then jumping in the water to interview them. Could it be these moments were omitted because Jake doesn’t want Ainsley to get the job? Just sayin’.

  3. purpleslog Says:

    moto..Dang! I slept in an missed both days completely.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Purpleslog, re Juliet, you may not want to count her out quite yet.

    Motownman, as to Ainz’s interview, it simply re-hashed the story Rita told a year ago when she was promoting the hardcover edition of her book. Re Ainsley’s appearance on F&FW Saturday, she seems to be upping her game: whether she can yet handle Dave and Clayton a la Aly remains to be seen.

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