Bill O’Reilly: It’s Just What Nature Dictated

Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson: “What!…Oh, my god!” FNC ratings king Bill O’Reilly had his Factor “Culture Warrior” bug-eyed in disbelief at his battle-of-the-sexes analysis this morning on F&F. Before O’Reilly’s usual Friday appearance on her show, F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson and her co-anchors, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, discussed a recent USC study that indicated that the stress levels of married men in “dual-earner” marriages were lowered when they relaxed as their wives did the housework whereas the stress levels of married women diminished when their husbands helped them do the household chores.

When O’Reilly joined the co-hosts on the phone, Steve asked, “Bill, do you find this as disturbing to watch as I do?”* “No,” answered O’Reilly emphatically. “Why not? queried Steve. “Because it’s just what nature dictated. You know?” answered O’Reilly.

Startled at O’Reilly’s words, Gretchen suddenly straightened in her center seat. As her eyebrows arched, her eyes widened, and her lips pursed, Gretchen exclaimed, “What!” Unapologetically, O’Reilly explained, “Adam and Eve. You do the chores, [and] I’ll relax. All of that.”

Again, Gretchen’s jaw tightened, her eyebrows furrowed, and her eyes bulged. As a smiling Steve mischievously nodded his agreement with O’Reilly, Brian jested, “Hey, look at the jungle and the lions. The men don’t do any of the work in the jungle: it’s the women that take care of the kids and kill the caribou and then bring it back. And, the guy just sits there with his hair grown out!”

Offering O’Reilly a final chance to redeem himself, a hopeful Gretchen asked, “So, what you’re saying, O’Reilly, then is that you like having somebody else do your chores?” Eschewing his lifeline, O’Reilly responded, “Um, you know, I, I’m a kind of guy who’s a very intellectual type of person who is kinda just always thinking about the universe and the country and the welfare of all human beings.” Chauvinistically, he concluded, “But, you know, the chore thing just takes care of itself: I don’t know how that happens but it does.”

Looking at Brian with a incredulous look on her face, Gretchen exclaimed, “Oh, my god!”

Sticking up for his male colleague O’Reilly, Steve added, “Natural selection–of, duties.”

But, boys, what of nurture?

Fox & Friends – 05/20/11 (@ 7:31 a.m. ET)


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