F&FW’s New Siren?

Fox & Friends [Strange] Weekend: Juliet Huddy a no-show, Alisyn Camerota in “limbo,” and Molly Line happy to be there. For F&FW fans, Juliet’s broken promise, Aly’s uncertain future, and Molly’s viability were all legitimate areas of inquiry after last weekend.

The drama this weekend actually began a week earlier on May 7 after Juliet’s successful subbing for Aly on F&FW on Friday.  To her Twitter followers, she Tweeted, “Great time with da boyz this am. Show flew by. On FnF’s Fri and Sat this coming week.” Nevertheless, Juliet did not appear on either show as she had said: rather, Ainsley Earhardt guest-hosted Friday for Gretchen Carlson on F&F, and Molly Line temp’d Saturday for Alisyn Camerota on F&FW. Interestingly, Juliet did not explain either of her absences to her rather perturbed Twitter followers.

The second segment of this strange saga got even more intriguing when F&FW regular co-host Dave Briggs welcomed Aly’s fill-in on Saturday. As the second hour of the show started, Dave declared, “Good to have Molly Line in for Alisyn who we understand may be back in the near future at some point”: simultaneously, seemingly almost knowingly belying his own words, Dave shook his head sideways continuously.” As Molly chuckled, Dave shrugged his shoulders and threw his hands into the air, adding, “Which we hear. We hear.”

Subsequently, almost aping his co-host’s head gestures but much more subtly and gazing down often to boot, co-host Clayton Morris offered, “Yeah. I said, ‘Aly, where, where have you been? And, we love all of the wonderful folks who have been kind enough to fill in.” Concurring, Dave interjected, “We love Molly,” (as he patted her on the shoulder). Then, rarely looking at his audience and his co-hosts, Clayton continued, “Aly said, ‘I miss you guys.’ So, she might be back next weekend.”

In response, Dave looked at Clayton almost stone-faced as he appeared to try to stifle a smile. Meanwhile, Molly beamed broadly and arched her eyebrows as if in disbelief. Seemingly less than sincere, Clayton concluded, “Aly, let us know.”

Reader, rather than Aly, perchance, it will be FNC Programming SVP Bill Shine who will let Clayton and the rest of us know. As the author noted last week, Molly seemed to have given F&FW rival guest co-host Juliet Huddy the upper hand when she missed a golden opportunity on F&FW Mother’s Day edition to connect with her viewers by sharing more of her less than “Perfectly Precious” self with them. Perhaps, Shine decided to give her a second chance to do just that this past weekend by pulling Juliet at the last moment in favor of Molly.

Of course, Shine’s new F&FW filly may well have to go around the track quite a few more times if she is ever to gain the sure legs of his proven thoroughbred Aly. Or, Juliet.

Update: Juliet explains no-show? About twenty minutes after Carpe Diem posted this article, supra, Juliet Tweeted, “Threw my back out during spring cleaning – thank goodness for a massage therapist who deserves Nobel prize for saving my sanity.”

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15 Responses to “F&FW’s New Siren?”

  1. Aly Back? Molly Laughs–Again « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Similarly, last week (May 14 – Saturday), the three played out a similar scene when discussing Aly’s possible return. In it, the three almost appeared to have been rehearsing for yesterday: Molly chuckled at the prospect of Aly’s coming “back in the near future”; Dave smilingly shrugged his shoulders and shook his head (as if to say no); and Clayton uncertainly said, “She [Aly] might be back next weekend. Aly, let us know.” [Italics added for emphasis.] […]

  2. Molly Line: “The New Girl!” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] new girl”: THE new girl? With Aly’s return uncertain and FNC anchor Juliet Huddy “on the mend,” Molly seems to be making a good case for […]

  3. Dave: “We Love Molly” But Ainz “Hot Mama” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] he did, Ainsley. Even if Molly turns out to be the new F&FW siren, Dave does not seem to be able to shake you, his first F&FW wife. But, who knows? Maybe, he […]

  4. Clayton: “The Maternity Shuffle” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] And, just when is Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota returning to her show?  Three weeks ago, co-host Clayton Morris said, “She might be back next weekend.” Two weeks ago, he said, […]

  5. David Says:

    Where is Juliet? Should we be worried?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Huddy is in rehab. Don’t expect her back soon.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    You are sure about that? Wishing her all the best .. poor kid … but good for her for getting help.

  8. Dave: Aly “Back on FOX & Friends Some Day!” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] And, probably, not tomorrow either. Ainsley Earhardt seems to have reclaimed her Sunday center seat again as of late. Especially, with rival Juliet Huddy mysteriously still “on the mend.” […]

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yep, Im certain.

  10. Me Says:

    Ainsley’s a fine looker,but dumber than a box of rocks.

  11. Aly: “My Work Husbands, Dave and Clayton” « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] a J$P source, Juliet Huddy returns this Saturday and Sunday to guest host Fox & Friends after no-showing over two months ago on F&FW and her unexplained disappearance from Fox News since […]

  12. Debi Bordner Says:

    WHAT is going on with Fox and Friends?! I’m on the internet this morning trying to find out where Gretchen Carlson is and now I find out that my absolute fav,, Ali Camerota may be gone too! Does anyone know what happened to Gretchen?!

  13. Juliet Huddy: Fox–But Still Friend? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] couldn’t take it anymore….I got so pressured.” After no-showing on Fox & Friends Weekend as a co-host and disappearing from Fox News altogether more than two months ago, anchor Juliet Huddy finally returned to the FNC morning program Saturday. […]

  14. Tom Simmers Says:

    Juliette Huddy looked stunning this morning on Fox & Friends! But then don’t they all? Harris Faulkner was stunning on Fox Report, too! With all these beauties, Who needs News??

  15. Shaws Circular Says:

    Shaws Circular…

    F&FW’s New Siren? « Carpe Diem…

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