Kiran Parties Hard in London

Chetry: “Last standing.” With her hubby and kids safely ensconced across the Pond in Larchmont (NY), American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry showed her  male colleagues in London that she’s no dull girl. After CNN’s hard-working royal wedding anchor told a Twitter follower Monday that she had not tried the pubs yet, Kiran remedied that in no short measure the very next day. According to “Page Six” of the New York Post, AM‘s Aphrodite joined her colleagues, CNN’s Piers Morgan, ABC’s Chris Cuomo, and ABC’s News Prez Ben Sherwood Tuesday night at Morgan’s London pub, Hansom Cab. Reportedly, the Nepalese beauty not only “threw back quite a few drinks” with the boys but also “was the last anchor standing” when the party ended at 11 p.m.

Whether Kiran was seen “last standing”–or, perhaps, dancing–atop a Hansom Cab table is not now known. However, if CNN chief Ken Jautz wants real ratings for AM, stills and footage will soon follow.

Calling all iReporters! Kiran?

Update: Morgan Tweets photo of Kiran in her Royal Wedding “sexy wellies.”

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7 Responses to “Kiran Parties Hard in London”

  1. Liz Smith Says:

    This silly blog is obsessed w/ Kiran, enjoy her while you can.
    She is on the verge of being replaced by Erin Burnett of CNBC.

  2. Nick Says:

    Anyone who does not see Kiran Chetry’s unlimited potential is in need of eyewear. Whether CNN, ABC, etc. the Nepalese beauty is going nowhere. That face was born to light up the screen!

  3. AnonAndOn Says:

    What’s going nowhere are American Morning’s ratings. It’s not even a real show, more like a placeholder right now since Roberts left and Holmes didn’t make someone’s grade. Romans, Velshi, Acosta, Cho, whoever… Different business anchors stopping by, rotating weather “personalities” (does Marciano do weather anymore or just play with dolphins and go to Yankees games? I want that job…) How can anyone decide to watch AM when it’s a different show every time you turn it on? They must be waiting for someone’s contract to run out. Or – Kyra Phillips comes back from maternity leave to the AM slot? Hmmm….

  4. jakeho Says:

    “Liz Smith”? Clever nom de guerre, Brutus. But, your dirk for Kiran has missed its mark. Would your “Mistress Gretchen” approve?

  5. Kep Says:

    Kiran has always been a big drinker, as is her husband. They’ve never made a secret of their love of alcohol. Seems like there are lots of people who cannot socialize without drinking.

    Kiran is going to be replaced by Erin Burnett? Where did you hear that? I find it interesting that she was partying with Chris Cuomo and a big cheese at ABC. Hmm. Maybe something in the works? It’s kinda funny how Kiran used to attend the Fox parties with the duds and unknowns of that network, and now she’s throwing back the drinks with the movers and shakers in both the worlds of politics and media.

    I wonder if Kiran misses those days when she could go out and party on a whim, not having to worry about young children hindering her night life?

  6. Kep Says:

    Just thought of something. Dick Morris used to refer to Bill Clinton as “Saturday Night Bill, Sunday Morning Mr. President”, referring to Clinton’s wild Saturday Nights and Sunday Morning Church attendance. Kiran might be sort of the same way, cause she drinks and parties and attends Church as well. I think it’s what some call “compartmentalization”.

  7. Marissa Says:

    Kiran is unbelievable. She loves attention. Knock yourself out Kiran.

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