Kiran & Friends: But, For How Long?

“Reunited & it feels so good.” Today, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry Tweeted her joy at being back with her recently regular co-hosts Ali Velshi and Christine Romans. She seemed to be praying and pleading for some new sense of AM normalcy. One could hardly blame Kiran: in just seven AM business days, she and her AM audience have witnessed a whopping five different anchor combos of which two notably did not include Kiran.*

It has been over four months since CNN honcho Ken Jautz announced that Kiran’s then AM co-anchor John Roberts was out and that he wanted to make sure that “we have the right ‘American Morning family.'” Jautz elaborated, “We will be looking at different people alongside Kiran on a rotating basis…[and]…T. J. Holmes will be the first to co-anchor with Kiran.”

Since then, T. J. has come and gone (and even had a shorter stint than he had anticipated). When T. J. left, Christine joined Kiran for a short all-gal audition. After only one week, Ali turned that duo into an asexual AM menage a trois.

Almost a month later, AM viewers still do not know who Jautz will actually adopt into the “American Morning family.” So far, Ali and Christine have been like foster children, hoping to get to stay with Kiran and the rest of their host family. Even though Ali may call Kiran, Christine, and himself “the gang,” it will be Jautz who ultimately decides.

For now, both Ali and Christine  are in the CNN family but their resumes do not yet include a permanent AM anchor seat. However, Kiran’s curriculum vitae does and only her face now represents AM’s Web presence.

As to his full future AM “family,” Jautz appears not quite ready to commit.

* The five distinct anchor arrangements were as follow: Kiran and Ali (April 8); Kiran, Christine, and Ali (April 11); Ali and Christine (April 12); Kiran and Christine (April 13); and Ali and CNN correspondent Alina Cho (April 18).

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One Response to “Kiran & Friends: But, For How Long?”

  1. Delta Dawn Says:

    An “asexual menage a trois”? I believe that particular occurrence is technically defined as:


    Sort of like a “non-business partnership”, I reckon.

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