Huddy: “Unlucky” & Hiding?

Juliet: I’ll be back very soon! As FNC correspondent Juliet Huddy’s unexplained absence from the air gets longer and longer, she continues to assure her anxious fans that she will indeed return to Fox News “soon.” However, she has been promising them just that for over three weeks–while offering them nary a hint as to why she is away.

On February 18, ICN reported that  Juliet had “disappeared” from the air on FNC a “few weeks” earlier and had not fielded a Johnny Dollar Tweet as to when she would return. However, two weeks later (March 6), Juliet broke her silence when one of her Twitter followers, TheDonAllen, inquired, “What are you doing now? I’m assuming you aren’t with FNC anymore. Everyone is”: Juliet tersely retorted, “‘Everybody’ would be wrong.” When he responded, “Well, that’s good to hear: Hope to see you again soon,” she elaborated, “You will! Thanks sweetie.”

Subsequently, after yet another two weeks had elapsed (May 21), Juliet still had not reappeared on FNC. Consequently, Twitter follower, DonnyRoss99, plaintively penned, “Miss seeing u on fox..always had a crush on you.” Anew, but more definitively, Juliet declared, “Awwwww thanks. Despite some of my conspiracy theorist tweeps, I’ll be back very soon!”

Nevertheless, as of Sunday (March 27), Juliet still had not returned to air on Fox News. Hence, yet another Twitter follower, BenYurcho, queried, “R u still with FNC?” Again, Juliet pledged, “Yes, I am still with Fox! Back soon.”

Hmm. Shortly, after the ICN article (February 21), supra, Juliet announced,”About to celebrate my 13 year anniversary as a Fox-er.”  Was she subtly signaling her ill luck of late to her followers and fans? If so, perhaps, she is simply waiting for her ill omens to blow over.

Regardless, the ardent acolytes of Juliet eagerly await her return. Until then, they are looking and listening for clues as  to why their lovely left them without a word. In the meantime, they are growing increasingly restless.

Update: The long wait over? On April 7, Juliet Tweeted, “I will be on in the next week or so. See you all soon.” Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to “Huddy: “Unlucky” & Hiding?”

  1. jerziegrl Says:

    still wondering if this is all related to the F&F/W switcheroo the last few weeks…..

  2. Thomas Wathen Says:

    We’re praying that everything is OK! Can’t wait to see you again. Molly saya she misses you tremendously!

  3. Frank C Says:

    With Megyn Kelly on 20 weeks maternity leave Alison Camerota is subbing for her for a few weeks. Maybe the lovely Juliet Huddy will be back with Fox and Friends Weekend. Hope she surfaces soon. Miss her.

  4. Juliet: I’ll See You Guys This Weekend on FNC! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Juliet Huddy Tweeted returns at last! Or, will this weekend according to her latest Tweet. After promising her Twitter followers and long-suffering fans for over a month ago that she would be “back soon,” she revealed tonight that she would […]

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