Gretchen: Putting the “Spring” in Springer!

Jerry: Gretchen, “Believe me, I would fly with you: And, you’re not bringing an airplane either!”  Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson got her own personal dose of the “Jerry Springer Show” this morning from the legendary eponymous talk show host himself. Before Springer’s Fox & Friends appearance, Gretchen had shared a personal vacation photo with her audience and her co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade: in the pic, Gretchen, sporting a black leather jacket, posed saucily behind the cockpit controls of a U.S. Airways jet. Subsequently, when Steve welcomed Springer to join him and his co-anchors on the curvy couch, the former Cincinnati mayor bad boy pointed at Gretchen, saying, “By the way, great flying!”*

Appreciative, Gretchen animatedly replied, “Oh, well, thank you!” Then, widening her eyes and leaning forward in her low-cut plum top, Gretchen cooed, “You would fly with me, wouldn’t you?”

Smiling rakishly and nodding his head ardently, Springer rejoined, “Believe me, I would fly with you!” As her co-anchors roared with laughter, Gretchen chuckled, “Well, thank you.”

Hoping to stoke the blond beauty’s fire further, Springer randily remarked, “And, you’re not bring an airplane either, I’ll tell you that. Giggling, Gretchen exclaimed, “Uh, oh!” Grinning lustfully, Springer continued, “We’ll be here all night!”

Shaking his head in amusement, Springer added, “No, I’m just joking.” In response, Gretchen, put her hands up as if to clear the air of his ardor and declared, “Let’s move on to politics.” Concurring, Springer answered, “Yes, I’m teasing.”

Gretchen is back: Heating up the F&F studio.

Fox & Friends – 03/24/11 (@ 7:35 a.m. ET)

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