Megyn: I Was the Victim of Bullying

Kelly’s catfight recalled? Today, after a segment on school bullying, American Morning anchor Megyn Kelly obliquely remarked, “I was the victim of such bullying [re viral Aussie-big-boy-victim vid] when I was in school.”* Then, as a school counselor might intone, she added, “And, one positive angle I can offer to young girls out there who are victims of it is [that] I do think it makes you a more empathetic person. And, you can take that with you throughout your life and use it  [in] situations like this.”

When Megyn revealed that rather ambagious aside on AL today about her being picked on as a young girl, the author recollected Megyn saucily telling Bill Hemmer (her then America’s Newsroom co-host) about such a high school tormentor. In her account then, Megyn disclosed that when she was a sophomore “in [her] cheerleading uniform,” she was confronted by a senior girl who called her “the ‘b’ word.” In response, Megyn had retorted, “If you call me that one more time, you’re gonna regret it.” When the senior bully did so, Megyn stated that she “let her have it” and that they both” were down on the ground rolling around…in the girl’s locker room” until the gym teacher stopped intervened.

However, Megyn’s bullying moral then was much more direct than it was today. To Bill and her AM audience, she crowed, “She never bothered me again–not that I’m advocating violence.”

*America Live – 03/22/11 (@ 1:50 p.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “Megyn: I Was the Victim of Bullying”

  1. Purpleslog Says:

    I think those Taiwanese animators need to document this event from her past.

  2. Robert "Oldie" Capron Says:

    I say, if those two had scraped and rolled around in my form when I was headmaster, I would have given them each four (4) swift strokes with my cane, execution administered summarily on the spot, provided, of course, that I should have been in a quite arbitrary mood at the outset.

  3. jerziegrl Says:

    Jakeho – is Megyn on Materity leave now?

  4. jakeho Says:

    Jerziegrl, according to Martha, Megyn is “just taking a couple of well deserved days off.”


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