Special F&FW Cast: Future F&F Team?

Today, Fox & Friends Weekend (special edition) again turned to F&F‘s real A-Team as U. S. forces attacked Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy’s loyalists with B-2 Stealth Bombers and Tomahawk missles. When the show started, F&FW regular co-anchor Alisyn Camerota declared, “Alright, good morning everybody!…We have special coverage: I welcome in my colleagues, Steve and Brian, in for Clayton and Dave this morning.”* [N.B. For those who missed the import of Aly’s opening announcement, co-host Clayton Morris confirmed, “We were off this morning because of special coverage.”] Interestingly, Aly did not mention F&F‘s weekday missing center-seat co-host, Gretchen Carlson.

Perhaps, Aly’s omission was no mistake. In fact, Gretchen’s unannounced absence would come as little surprise to long-time F&FW viewers: FNC Programming SVP Bill Shine has regularly teamed Aly with Steve and Brian on F&FW special editions. However, more portentively possibly, of late, Gretchen has seemed to have made herself scarce on F&F as her hubby/sports agent Casey Close reportedly leaves his agency, CCA Sports, this month when his five-year contract expires.

Perhaps, Aly’s appearance with the weekday crew is a harbinger of changes to come. If Gretchen does depart F&F for other things as her hubby transitions to a new agency, his own, or otherwise, F&F weekday has a seasoned, alluring alternative, Aly. Furthermore, Shine already appears almost to have begun auditions for F&FW‘s center seat on the curvy couch in February when he presented Fox News viewers with a sexy three-gals-in-three-days weekend revue (starring Dana Perino, Molly Line, and Ainsley Earhardt).

Stay tuned, F&F fans.

[Author’s aside (as to Aly’s potential move to F&F): On F&F this week, Shine substituted not only Aly (Friday) but also America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum (Monday-Wednesday) and the aforementioned FNC correspondent Ainsley Earhardt (Thursday).]

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/11 (@ 6:00 a.m. ET)

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23 Responses to “Special F&FW Cast: Future F&F Team?”

  1. Jerziegrl Says:

    Hmmmm…when they put Martha in this week I definitely thought something was up. It is extremely unusual, IMO, to take another anchor out of her chair to have her sub for someone else. But I didn’t think too much when Aly was on, Gretchen has been absent before on special coverage weekends. The next few weeks should be interesting, but dear God, Bill Shine, please don’t pick Ainsley.

  2. Josh Kalb Says:

    I vote for Aly to the weekday version and the missing Juliet Huddy to the weekend post

  3. Michael T. Says:

    Have you considered adding the date to your postings.

    I for one would appreciate it.

    For example, your article begins, “Today, Fox & Friends Weekend …”.

    How does the reader know what “Today” refers to?

    Just my two cents.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Jerziegrl, I concur that Martha’s move was rather noteworthy last week. As to any F&F &/or F&FW’s near future transmogrifications, they should be interesting indeed.

    If only FNC’s brass could “find” Juliet, Josh. :)

    Michael, thanks for your suggestion. As to the date of each post, it can be found in the paragraph that follows the “Tags” section.

  5. motownman Says:

    Aly to F&F.
    Ainsley to F&FW.
    Leave Martha where she is.
    Everybody’s happy.
    Ainsley deserves it.
    She has been a good soldier and paid her dues.
    She is perfect for a morning show.

  6. ingrid Says:

    I agree that Aly should take the place of Gretchen and bring back Juliet Huddy for the weekend.

  7. Michael T. Says:

    ingrid says:
    “I agree that Aly should take the place of Gretchen and bring back Juliet Huddy for the weekend.”

    I am beginning to think the spunky but personable Juliet Huddy is toast. People have been tweeting her for several weeks asking her when she is coming back. Her silence is deafening.

    Wonder when her contract ends.

  8. Diva4ever Says:

    Not really a mystery here….Gretchen is in Arizona, so she couldn’t have been in studio today. If changers were to be made, however, either Aly or Martha would be great.

  9. Jerziegrl Says:

    Diva – how do you know she’s in AZ?

  10. Lizzy Says:

    Almost anyone including an empty spot on the curvy couch would be a vast
    improvement for Gretchen. I an not a fan of an aging beauty queen who
    makes lots of errors doing serious news. Ally would be great as for the weekend both men are a bit worthless. Juliet would be great anytime.
    Hope springs perhaps the Diva can move on to “other pursuits”.

  11. Cassie Says:

    Lizzy, it’s spring training. Gretchen and family normally head to AZ this time of year for that very reason.

  12. Aussie_Rebecca Says:

    Gretchen was on O’Reilly on Thursday night and Bill said that she was in Az. I had the feeling that something was going on when I saw Monday mornings show and I have to amit that I wasn’t to happy with the changes, I prefer Martha with Bill and Aly with Steve and Brian. If any changes were to happen then all I ask is for not Ainsley or Courtney to be placed in the middle of the couch, each time I see them I want to throw the remote at the TV!

  13. cristanti Says:

    I would love to see Dana Perino on the week-end Fox and Friends, I think she is great. Do not like Aly, sorry folks. would love Martha during the week F&F’s.

  14. J Michael Says:

    I like fox and friends in it’s current form. Not crazy about the weekend show. Too much fluff and clutter among aly and the bookends. How about Ed hill and Rick folbaum on the weekend?

  15. CathyG Says:

    Think Dana is a little more comfortable answering questions than asking them. Not exactly a seamless performance but not bad. Molly Line was fine. Martha was fantastic as was Aly (as usual). Ainsley – I’m trying to be fair here, she has improved since we first met her, but boy did she need to. She just doesn’t show the same level of ability as the other ladies. I can’t for instance, picture her handling well an unexpected interview with say, Hillary Clinton.
    Other suggestions – the ladies from the Washington Bureau – there’s another election season coming up, their political experience might be useful.
    Finally, if Aly were to leave the weekend show, who would replace her? It would have to be somebody strong enough to keep a tight rein on Clayton

  16. J Michael Says:

    Well cathyg I think your spot with reining in Clayton, however this entire weekend show is weak at best. I respect aly’s abilities but not in this lineup. Mr. Briggs and Mr. Morris are too light for the constant political Kabukhi within this network. Aly would provide balance and skill to the View, however she’s too small to get there. I liked e.d. Hill’s jabbing with the A team over her tenure, but she is gone. Juliet Huddy’s sharp but the nasally voice is a bit much. Lets clone Megyn Kelly for this spot with the underrated Rick folbaum and a constantly changing guest for the third seat.

  17. Lizzy Says:

    Cassie spring training or not just not a fan of Gretchen. Also with all this
    really busy news going on if I were a true dedicated journalist I would
    come back to report on the historic changes. IMO

  18. jerziegrl Says:

    I don’t think Aly would be good during the week. The weekends tend to be more light and less serious and she does well with that. I think she did great filling in for Martha, but don’t see her as a good fit for weekday F&F.

    Absolutely agree with CathyG…Dana Perino is not a good curvy couch candidate. Love her, but she is a good interviewee, not interviewer.

    Juliet Huddy…again a good weekend person for F&F, but not really a hard news gal. Again, my vote is for Martha. She is lively, but not over the top but a great hard news person.

    Lizzy – Gretchen missed her daughter’s debut in her school play/musical/recital thing to work a few weeks ago, so not sure if I would call her not dedicated.

    Then again, all of this may be a moot point since we are all merely speculating.

  19. Lizzy Says:

    To all maybe Fox is just using us as a trial balloon:)?

  20. jakev Says:

    I would watch if ED Hill came back. She used to be the gal in the middle on F&F weekdays years ago and she was a tough interviewer (most of the time). Isn’t she with Spitzer over on CNN now?

  21. mediaho Says:

    Perhaps Gretch has had enough. In 2008 she renewed her contract w/Fox for 3 yrs, so it expires this year. After 4 yrs on F&F maybe she has grown weary of the early hours & commute from Conn. to NYC. She will be 45 in June, she has 2 small children who are likely being raised by a nanny.

    She is THE star of F&F, the show is top rated on cable in the 6-9 timeslot, there’s not much more she can accomplish if she stays.
    Can’t blame her for leaving and easing her workload to be w/her children.

    Maybe Fox is nudging her out the door? ED Hill, Page Hopkins & Lurie Dhue were in their mid 40’s and Fox did not renew their contracts.

    IMHO, hope Gretch remains on F&F, her haughty tude’ along with her “I’m-a-hot-MILF” wardrobe is irresistibly sexy!

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  23. Akkuschrauber Says:


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