Double M: Hugging Honey

Apparently, blond beauty, Fox & Friends guest co-host Martha MacCallum, just loves to hug–even the bad boys. During an F&F “Touching Too Much?” segment with Martha and co-anchor Steve Doocy yesterday, co-host Brian Kilmeade posited, “Evidently, there’s a people that believe there’s an energy given off of love and acceptance when you do hug somebody. And, they’re looking to share that energy.”* Puckishly, he added, “Other people are just coming on to you. Let’s be honest!” Feigning surprise, co-host Steve Doocy asked, “Do you think so?” Giggling, Martha responded, “So, they’re just looking for an opportunity to just kinda like cozy up a little bit, right?” Ducking her head, batting her eyelashes, and jiggling suggestively, she racily cooed, “That’s okay.”

With Gretchen away, Double M and her bad boys will surely play. Or, rather, just “cozy up a little bit.”

*Fox & Friends – 03/14/11 (@ 7:39 a.m. ET)

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5 Responses to “Double M: Hugging Honey”

  1. Susan Says:

    So, where’s Gretchen? And why did they move Martha to F&F and move Alysin to Hemmer’s show? Why not just put Alysin where she belongs in the first place, with the A team?

  2. jakeho Says:

    A very good question, Susan. Any thoughts?

  3. CathyG Says:

    Am really enjoying Martha on F&F. Sometime’s think Gretchen tries too hard to be a sparky morning person whereas it seems to come naturally to Martha.

  4. Cassie Says:

    Would love to know, too. Why MM in on F&F and not AC?

  5. jerziegrl Says:

    I love MM on F&F. I agree with Cathy, Gretch tries too hard. Being perky doesn’t come naturally to her, but Martha is demure, yet learned. If Gretchen ever decides to leave MM would be my vote for the curvy couch. I do think it strange that AC is filling in for MM and MM isn’t in her normal spot. Makes one think they are trying out different anchors to test the field.

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