T. J. Leaves AM–Early

So soon? This past Monday (March 7), interim American Morning co-anchor T. J. Holmes announced that he would only be “with @cnnam 4 [a] couple more weeks.” However, today (only four days later), co-anchor T. J. Holmes declared, “Signing off on @cnnam. Today is my last day with this show.” Early ejection?

From the very beginning–in fact, before he even began co-hosting AM–T. J. has been quite candid with his fans, i.e., that he was “anchoring ‘American Morning’ in NY 4 a yet-2-be-determined period” and that it would be “temporary.” Subsequently, he has reminded his ardent Twitter followers that he would be only an interim AM anchor. However, he did assure his acolytes Monday that he would continue in that capacity for a “couple more weeks.”

What changed from Monday until today? Could it have been his “kinder, gentler” Roberts moment Monday when he gently chided Kiran to “listen” as she typed while he spoke? Perhaps. However, it would be seem rather strange since he came across as a “Southern gentleman” unless the producers thought that Kiran’s independent image had been somehow compromised.

Regardless, T. J. is on his way as of today. In his place behind the AM desk with co-anchor Kiran Chetry will be Christine Romans next week according to Inside Cable News. And, as for T. J., apparently, he will return to anchor anew CNN Newsroom weekend.

T. J., great job on AM. You’ll be missed!

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4 Responses to “T. J. Leaves AM–Early”

  1. Anonandon Says:

    That little ribbing of Chetry can’t be the reason, just the excuse, for him not getting the permanent assignment. TJ is fine and competent but too laid back for a show that desperately needs an energy infusion.

    Romans is certainly just a placeholder. Don Lemon must be chomping at the bit.

  2. Kiran & Friends: But, For How Long? « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] then, T. J. has come and gone (and even had a shorter stint than he had anticipated). When T. J. left, Christine joined Kiran for a short all-gal audition. After only one week, Ali […]

  3. Gary Dinowitz Says:

    He was absolutely horrible. He is not a good anchor, or reporter. I stopped watching when he came on. He was good, until he spoke

  4. Nancy Says:

    Where is TJ going? I think he was great….!!

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