Briggs Back But Forgotten: Dave Who?

Oops! Poor Dave. After being away from F&FW for only one week, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs found that his fame was all too fleeting today. To his chagrin and his colleagues’ amusement, a F&FW fan remembered all of the program regulars except Dave during a live weather segment.

Dave’s embarrassing episode occurred this morning shortly after he and his co-host Alisyn Camerota segued to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth for his weather forecast (third-hour-second-half). When Rick took the toss, he commented, “We’ve got some people out here. They were saying, ‘What is your outside segment today?’ And, I said, ‘You’re it.”* Laughing, a painfully prophetic Dave exclaimed, “Bummer, dude!”

Turning to the spokesperson of the group of fans, Rick queried, “And, you have coffee ever Saturday morning with us?” She answered, “I have coffee every morning with Clayton and with Alisyn and with you.” Perhaps, taking some umbrage at his omission from her list, an off-camera Dave coaxed, “And?” Not catching his cue, the fan continued, “And, with everybody else” (as the producers went to a split screen to include then include Dave and Aly).

Apparently, feeling a tad dissed, a wincing Dave shouted, “Ohhh!” before hiding his reddening visage behind a laughing Aly (who was leaning forward on the curvy couch). Subsequently, when Rick reminded the fan about Dave, Dave showed his face again and slapped his leg, declaring, “I got left out!” Meanwhile, co-anchor Clayton Morris, grinning from ear to ear, leaned into Dave and Aly’s shot and flashed the audience a big schadenfreude thumbs-up.

Realizing her gaffe, the F&FW fan apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. Sorry, Dave.” As Dave gaped in disbelief at his slight, Rick “charitably” asserted, “Dave, you’re the everybody else, man.” Following suit and feigning sympathy, Aly added, “You’re bigger than one person: you’re everybody.” Bowing his now humbled head, Dave humorously riposted, “I’m outta here. I’m walking off like Whoopi!”

Just make sure that you come back like Whoopi, Dave. Fox & Friends Weekend gold!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/05/11 (@ 8:37 a.m. ET)

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