CNN Reporter: “Russian Roulette: Give It a Shot!”

Living on the edge: Or, dying there? On American Morning today, CNN correspondent Deborah Feyerick certainly left her audience with a buzz. At mid-show with co-hosts Kiran Chetry and T. J. Holmes by her side, Feyerick reported on the the proliferation of “bath salts,” a misnamed substance that mimics cocaine and is legally available in most States.

During her segment, Feyerick ran an interview of DEA special agent Gary Boggs, who expounded on the availability and dangers of the over-the-counter drug. When Feyerick wrapped up her story, she declared that there was no medicinal purpose for the “bath salts” and that people who want to get high can use it: However, she cautioned that they are playing Russian roulette (as she said that Boggs had characterized it). Then, coining the worst AM tagline ever, Feyerick concluded, “Russian roulette: give it a shot!”*

Clever, Deb. But, what a dud. Hopefully!

*American Morning – 02/16/11 (@ 7:34 a.m. ET)

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