Clayton: “Another Happy Ending”?

Back in the saddle again! Fresh from France after his romantic honeymoon in Europe with his beautiful wife Natali Morris nee Del Conte, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris got back on his mount Sunday as frisky as ever. During a Valentine segment, Clayton discussed the “fine points” of a love-in-the-office poll with his co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Dave Briggs. Continental style.

With about an hour and half to go in the show, Dave introduced the F&FW segment and Aly read the poll statistics on workplace romance (i.e., the percentages of people who had dated and married a co-worker).* Subsequently, Clayton read a viewer e-mail from “Harvey” that indicated that relationships merely caused difficulties for the other employees: Then, opining, Clayton commented, “It only feels uncomfortable for other employees when they don’t tell people.” Racily, Aly added, “Or, or, when they’re caught making out in the broom closet or something like that.”

Thereafter, Dave read another audience email from “Cheryl” who said that she had dated someone at work, got married to him, and was still married after thirty-one years. Then, Dave declared, “Good to know there are some happy endings in all of these relationship[s]. In response, Clayton, looking at Dave, salaciously smiled, and arrantly arched his eyebrows.

Subsequently, Aly read still another viewer email, from “James,” that said that he and his wife were co-workers, started dating on Valentine’s Day, and had been married for eleven years. As she did, Clayton priapically deadpanned, “Congratulations. Another ‘happy ending.'” Abruptly stopping mid-sentence, a lusty Aly rolled her eyes at Clayton, bowed her head, and licked her lips. Meanwhile, Dave’s eyes widened as he burst out in laughter and then looked down in disbelief. Reveling in his success, a goatish Clayton slightly smiled and nodded his head in satisfaction.

This F&FW story a little late: But, anotherhappy ending”?

Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/13/11 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET)

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