John Shows Kiran the Finger

Kiran: “Thanks, John. You really made everybody’s day.” As American Morning‘s penultimate block (a health segment segment) concluded today, co-host John Roberts unexpectedly declared, “And, all you guys out there, take a look at your hand because we’re going to be measuring fingers again here.”* As co-host Kiran Chetry placed both of her hands on the desk and began to examine them, she suddenly looking up, laughing, “Wait, I’m not a guy: go ahead,”: smiling, John concurred, “You can’t do this: you’re a woman.”

Starting anew, John stated, “Guys, guys only.” Raising his left hand high so that the viewers could compare his fingers, John remarked, “Is you index finger longer than your ring finger. There we go.” Kiran correctly observed, “No, yours is not.” Agreeing, John replied, “Mine’s not. Okay, if it is–listen up here–because a study just published in the British Journal of Cancer says [that] you are one third less likely to get prostrate cancer if your index finger is shorter than your ring finger. Scientists believe the finding may be related to levels of the male hormone, testosterone.”

As Kiran looked on quizzically, a grinning John explained, “Aw, they had to say that, right? Because the inference is if your index finger is shorter than your ring [finger], you’ve got less testosterone.” As John put his head to the desk in embellished embarrassment, Kiran smirked and the floor crew laughed. Sarcastically, Kiran responded, “Thanks, John, you really made everybody’s day.”

Raising his head and looking at his finger, John sportively riposted, “Well, it just made my day, too. Excuse me!” Gazing at John and grinning naughtily, Kiran replied, “Why is yours–smaller?” Arching his eyebrows and pointing to his fingers with his eyes, a flushed John exclaimed, “Yes!”

Appearing to try to cover her immediately prior risque remark, Kiran innocently commented, “So, you have more testosterone.” John answered, “No, less.” Slapping the desk with his palms, John continued, “And, the length of a man’s fingers may soon be used as an indicator for cancer risks is the bottom line of all of this.” In response, as if to clear mind of that very thought, Kiran shook her head and blinked her eyes belaboredly. Then, looking straight up at the audience, Kiran facetiously remarked, “Okay. Love it!”

*American Morning – 12/01/10 (@ 8:52 a.m. ET)

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