Rob: “Not Anywhere Near My Junk”

John: “It’s a little early for that, Rob.” American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano was not about to be subjected to an intimate airport pat down by anchor John Roberts. After an AM story entitled “Don’t Touch My Junk!” (about a passenger who threatened a TSA screener with arrest if he touched his genitals), co-hosts John Roberts and Carol Costello salaciously segued to CNN meteorologist Rob Marciano. As he began his toss, John,  gesturing as if frisking someone, joked, “Now, alright, let’s do a quick pat down of the nation’s weather.”* Doubling over in laughter, Carol interjected, “It’s a good thing you’re in Atlanta because John would pat you down this morning, Rob!” Beaming broadly, John concurred, “Yeah, absolutely!”

Not exactly thrilled with that prospect, Rob retorted, “Yeah, listen, you’re not getting anywhere near my junk. I’ll tell you that, pal!” As Carol roared with laughter, a chagrined John chuckled, “Oh, ho, ho, ho! It’s a little early for that, Rob!”

Subsequently, as soon as Rob had concluded his weather forecast, a still carnal Carol kidded, “We won’t touch your junk this [morning]. Grateful, a smiling Rob answered, “Thank you!” Looking up to the heavens as if for help, a laughing John aptly added, “Okay. Time to throw a lifeline to somebody. Pull us out of this one!”

American Morning – 11/15/10 (@ 6:06 a.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “Rob: “Not Anywhere Near My Junk””

  1. Grace Aubrey Says:

    Here we go again, American Morning (if you even read these comments). Such suggestive comments such as transpired between Marciano, Roberts and Costello this morning are becoming increasingly nauseating in morning television.

    CNN credits itself boldly for reporting unbiased undiluted news but fails at the very level where they could gain a viewer or 2.

    Morning chat – with Kiran’s legs forefront and she rubbing her needs and stretching her biceps is ludicrous.

    As a long time CNN follower and fan of most of the anchors, I am increasingly finding myself flipping channels to find REAL news.


  2. Grace Aubrey Says:

    Sorry, Kiran rubbing her knees………………typing too fast, too early in the morning.

  3. Sue Says:

    Just because something CAN be said (or done), doesn’t mean it should. Lack of any class is fast taking over.

  4. Grace Aubrey Says:

    ummmmmmm, well said Sue.

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