Dave: “The Briggs Girls”

Proud Papa Briggs. As Fox & Friends Saturday returned from break for its final half hour, a giant screen appeared with a photo of a lovely auburn-tressed little girl and her beautiful blond mother. From the background, a doting Dave declared, “Aw! That is the Briggs girls. I want to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to my daughter Emerson this morning. She is five years old this morning!” With a shout-out to his sweetie, Dave added, “My wife Brandi there.”

Joining in the celebration, Aly asserted, “Oh, my gosh! Big landmark birthday. Emerson, happy birthday!” Clapping his hands, Clayton cheerfully commented, “Wow! Happy birthday! She’s got a great [inaudible] now because she’s got a birthday and then Christmas, gifts kinda like back to back.” Perhaps, remembering the impending distaff festivities, sports guy Dave almost ruefully replied, “Oh, it’s brutal at the Briggs’ house! We’re heading to the salon today for hair and makeup. That’s were the party is.”

Dave, a sweet dad. And, Emerson, happy belated birthday!

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3 Responses to “Dave: “The Briggs Girls””

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    […] co-anchor Dave Briggs got in touch with his inner “Princess” as he reached out to his six-year-old daughter Emerson. During an F&FW segment subtitled “Sons and Daughters: New Poll Shows Americans Prefer […]

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    […] and Brandi have been married eight years (as of August 2). They are the proud parents of six-year-old daughter Emerson and younger brother William. As to their “3rd in the oven,” hopefully, Dave will reveal […]

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    […] as he said with finger quotes, his kids–had given him. On his left cuff was a photo of his six-year-old daughter Emerson and on his right was a pic of his beloved younger son […]

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