Leachman Licks Kilmeade

“SIN”ior Moments III: Cloris Returns. Telly legend Cloris Leachman returned with a vulgar vengeance to Fox & Friends Friday. Last year, when promoting her book, Cloris: My Autobiography, Leachman racily revealed to co-anchor Steve Doocy that she did not wear underwear. Yesterday, when she came back to tout her new series, FOX’s Raising Hope, she shared with co-host Brian Kilmeade the carnal knowledge of her tongue’s tactile touch.

The randy nine-time-Emmy-award winner ruled her segment as she kept the trio of F&F co-hosts (Brian, Steve, and Ainsley Earhardt) off kilter with her wickedly irrepressible and irreverent humor. As her interview began, Brian asked her if she minded her age being mentioned earlier in the show. In reply, Leachman exclaimed, “Why not! I’m clean and I’m proud. I mean, if you start with being clean, that goes a long way.”

Naturally, assuming that she was speaking figuratively, Brian queried, “So no drugs, no alcohol, do you stay up late? Do walk against traffic?” Looking at her youthful inquisitor with playful scorn, Leachman, retorted, “Why are assuming all that?…When I said, I’m clean, I didn’t mean I’m clean of drugs. I would like, I would like not to be clean.”

Seemingly shocked, Ainsley interjected, “Oh!” as a crew member laughed heartily in the background. Somewhat incredulous himself, Steve chuckled, “Oh, stop it! Living on the edge!”

Subsequently, the producers ran a few snippets of “Raising Hope” that included a loony “Maw Maw” Leachman trying to lick a lipstick held by another. As they did, Steve stated, “You do a lot of licking on this show.”Not bashful, Leachman disclosed, “I keep licking Greg Garcia, who’s the creator of it….I just love him and I’ll lick the back of his neck.”

After Leachman then vividly illustrated her technique (by sticking her tongue out and making a licking motion) and aped Garcia’s consequent shuddering, Steve impishly asked, “Do you want to demonstrate on Brian just so that we could see what that [looks like]?” Only too happy to comply, Leachman replied, “Well, I’ll show you” as she turned toward Brian. Being a good sport, Brian answered, “Well, okay, go ahead” as he began to bend down. With a wicked gleam in her eye, Leachman commanded, “Lean forward, Love” and licked Brian’s neck lustfully.” [Vid via J$.]

After she had wet his nape with her tongue, a waggish Brian aptly asked Leachman if she disputed her characterization by co-star Martha Plimpton who said, “Just out of her mind enough to be willing to try anything.” Guileless, Leachman laconically concurred, “Correct!”

Leachman: another F&F “sin”ior citizen.

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    […] yesterday, it was “a lot” of loco Leachman. Even before her return appearance (after licking Brian’s neck during a November 2010 F&F interview), Leachman had hinted that she would be up to her old tricks: She Tweeted, “Taking my foxy […]

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