Kiran: Under “Her” Spell?

Christine O’Donnell: Still scary? American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry seems to think so.  Four days after Halloween and two days after the elections, Kiran still appears to be haunted by the specter of Delaware’s failed GOP Senatorial candidate. Today, when introducing an AM segment entitled “Dreaming of a ‘Black Christmas'” (with author/comedian Lewis Black), a relieved Kiran remarked, “Finally, we’re all getting a break from the mid-term election madness. There are no more town halls, no more attack ads, robocalls, or Tea Party upstarts [pause] who dabbled in witchcraft.”* Co-anchor John Roberts looked at Kiran, smiled knowingly, and chuckled to himself.

With friends, family, and a cottage in Delaware, Kiran has seemed almost obsessed with that state’s possible new Senator. As Kiran has reported on the campaign, Kiran has consistently mentioned her as an example of Tea Party candidates “mired in these culturally conservative issues.” Yesterday, when the election was over, Kiran finally got her chance to meet the woman via satellite and ask her about her views, her failed run, and her future.

Interestingly, Kiran began her colloquy asking about O’Donnell’s future political plans: Appearing almost fearful that she might run again, Kiran asked O’Donnell if her concession-speech-statement that “This is the beginning” meant a new campaign. When O’Donnell demurred, Kiran queried whether her “conservative views [were] perhaps, a few shades too conservative to get elected on a national level. After O’Donnell adamantly denied that they did, Kiran cited O’Donnell’s “dabbling in witchcraft” admission indirectly, asking whether her loss was attributable to GOP establishment resistance or something “more personal” (citing the Bill Maher tapes). Then, when she had posed on last question to O’Donnell (about Karl Rove‘s summary dismissal of her candidacy), Kiran stepped down from the stage. As she did, Kiran tripped, gasped, and caught herself—with a smile aimed at the camera.*

O’Donnell’s black magic? That wicked witch!

*American Morning – 11/04/10 (@8:31 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 11/03/10 (@7:11 a.m. ET)

Update: O’Donnell interview via (N.B. As to Kiran’s tripping, it occurs approximately ten to fifteen seconds after’s vid ends: Kiran’s stumble can be seen in the background as John begins a new segment.)

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4 Responses to “Kiran: Under “Her” Spell?”

  1. Sue Says:

    Just another act of classless behavior on Chetry’s part. Because you don’t agree with someone’s ideas is no reason to attempt to humiliate said person. Move on…but, hopefully, in a classier way.

  2. Kep Says:

    It hasn’t been hard to tell that Chetry has a very strong dislike for O’Donnell. Kiran, a member of the “tolerant left”, shows her obvious intolerance for women who are Christian, pro-life and pro-family. This seems to be something personal with her, and I guess the fact that Chetry and hubby have ties to Delaware might have something to do with it. The message here is, if you are a conservative woman, don’t show your face to society, don’t participate. Your life will be made a living hell by those who consider themselves to be so worldly, so informed, so compassionate. In addition to Kiran’s comments, her childish husband made this utterance on twitter after O’Donnell was defeated in her race “ding dong the witch is dead.”

    These people are pathetic and entertaining at the same time. It’s fun to watch them resorting to such desperate tactics to undermine someone they don’t agree with. What an example of tolerance.

  3. Grace Aubrey Says:

    Kiran has resorted to some childish antics recently. Wondering if she feels shaky in her position or is somehow unnerved – professionality is out the window.

    I agree with Kep on the immature comments made on Twitter by Kiran’s husband – nothing but total lack of taste and too much time on his hands.

    Time for a change on American Morning or at least a “makeover” for Kiran and some “get real” training for John.

  4. Kep Says:

    Yes, I think Knowles is totally classless. Here’s a tweet about his young son Christopher-“Boy poos in pants. Rips off said pants and diaper and tosses in floor. Boy ass rubs couch. Elapsed time :12.

    Now, that’s a classy way to talk about your own son.

    I think all that Knowles does since he lost his job with WPIX is sit around, watch Olbermann (not anymore since he’s suspended) and drink beer.

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