A.M.: American Mourning?

“Boo!” or “Boo Hoo!”  American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry must have felt a pang of fear or sadness as they read the New York Post’s “Changes Could Be Coming to ‘American Morning'” published late Halloween night. According to the report, “big changes” could soon be afoot for American Morning. “Insiders” indicated that CNN’s new chief Ken Jautz would likely soon “dismantle” the “lowest rated cable morning show” as he tries to jump-start the flagging ratings of his anemic daytime programming.

Furthermore, New York Post sources said that the AM staff have become disenchanted with both co-hosts. Purportedly, they stated that “John [was] a tyrant, freaking out over stories and guests” and still had “a chip on his shoulder because he [had been] considered the heir apparent to Dan Rather at CBS.” Also, they allegedly asserted that “Kiran [was] dumb as a rock.”

With the CNN dirks apparently out for blood, The New York Post columnist opined that John would likely join his CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, his affianced gravid with twins, in Atlanta. As for Kiran who the writer warned “could be the first to go,” she would seem to be in a much more difficult position as she would presumably continue to live with her husband Chris Knowles, who himself was recently relieved of his duties as weekend weatherman at New York City’s CW station WPIX, in Larchmont, New York.

If John and Kiran are both canned by CNN, an interesting scenario may emerge. According to the New York Post, CNN is interested in signing CBS’ Katie Couric whose contract ends in May of 2011: And, if CBS lets Couric go, the AM co-anchors may be vying for the very same job, i.e., Couric’s CBS Evening News anchor position. Ironically, John would have a second chance to win Dan Rather’s throne whereas Kiran could follow in the steps of her mentor (and older sorority sister) Katie Couric.

[Author’s aside: Of course, if Kiran listens to her faithful Fox & Friends fans, she may simply go home again.]

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9 Responses to “A.M.: American Mourning?”

  1. Lynn Krill Says:

    I don’t know what formula you use to determine an individuals intelligence but in my opinion Kiran is far from dumb. You don’t hold a position as long as she has and be dumb. If this does happen I believe they are using Kiran as a scapegoat and that stinks.

  2. Kep Says:

    One of Kiran’s main problems is that she doesn’t seem to know how to practice proper newsroom etiquette. She constantly appears distracted by something off-camera, and her constant pecking on that keyboard while her co-anchor is doing an important interview just shows that she doesn’t seem to understand the do’s and don’ts of live tv news. She did this same thing at Fox. I’m sure Chetry is intelligent enough, but then again, remember that she’s a liberal.

  3. Sue Says:

    Larchmont, Delaware? Where in Delaware is that? I live here…..think you might check your geography. Did you get that information from Kiran??

  4. jakeho Says:

    Sue, you are absolutely correct. Thanks for catching my mistake. Unfortunately, a measure of erroneous conflation: Kiran and Chris live in Larchmont, New York and have a place in Delaware as well.

  5. PurpleSlog Says:

    I think Kiran has burned her bridges at Fox, no?

  6. jakeho Says:

    PurpleSlog, I believe that Kiran can rebuild any burnt bridges if she so chooses. Remember, she still has friends who work at FNC and loyal fans who watch the “Fair & Balanced” network.

  7. Kep Says:

    There is zero chance that Kiran will ever be back on Fox. Do you think Roger Ailes would hire her back after the stunt she try to pull? Besides, I’m just as sure that liberal pro-abortion Kiran would never want to step another foot near Fox News. She looks delighted to be working at a network that presents her point of view.

  8. Grace Aubrey Says:

    With all due respect to Kiran and John, I think they are redundant on American Morning. There needs to be a change for the mere sake of injectiing lifeblood into the early morning CNN program. There seems to be a disconnect between John and Kiran in the last year and Kiran for the most part seems distracted. John, on the other hand, seems to be wearing a smirk even when the news clip is serious and daunting to the viewer.

    Perhaps a new venue, a more professionally dressed Kiran and a more believable John would be more attractive to us, the viewer.

    Nothing personal against either but “something” needs a vitamin or two in that show. I do love CNN, and do not think I would leave on their account.

    With all due respect,

  9. Kiran Out & Soledad In: Ouch! « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] by that anonymous AM staffer who told Page 6 that “Kiran is dumb as a rock” (in its Halloween night 2010 story on possible big changes at AM by new CNN chief Ken […]

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