Kilmeade Disses Scott

Hopefully, Happening Now co-anchor Jon Scott was not watching Fox & Friends today. The genial late-morning FNC co-host got royally dissed by his more acerbic early-morning colleague, F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade. The incident occurred during a discussion of Americans’ losing faith in the American Dream by the co-hosts.

As the colloquy was concluding, Steve Doocy declared, “When you look at…Pelosi…[saying]…’well, it’s all going to be fair, it’s all going to be level,’ why dream?…Why should I work hard? Why should I get up at two o’clock in the morning to come and be on TV if it’s going to be the same for everybody?”* In response, Brian Kilmeade jested, “I just know that now if this goes into play, you’re going to get paid the same as Jon Scott, and that’s a huge pay cut for you.”

In response, Gretchen Carlson simply looked at Brian incredulously, and Steve chuckled, “What!” Digging himself in deeper, Brian continued, “So, this is a problem. They’re going to equal out all anchor pay. It’s going to be hard for you to adjust.” Laughing, Steve replied, “I just want ’em to even it out to O’Reilly” as Gretchen turned to Brian and more aptly added, “Brian, T.M.I.” Still joking, Brian asked, “Too Much Information? I know everything. I text.”

Brian, as far as Jon Scott is concerned, probably, way too much information.

*Fox & Friends – 10/20/10 (@6:09 a.m. ET)

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