TJ: Table Dances & Beer

“I thought we edited that part out: I’m sorry.” Fun-loving CNN correspondent T.J. Holmes brought his own personal style of cheer–both kinds–to his CNN Election Express bus tour report on American Morning today. Introducing his suds stop in Columbia, South Carolina, at the Flying Saucer draft emporium to co-anchor John Roberts and Kiran Chetry, T.J. joked that people were still talking about John’s 2008 campaign visit there: Teasing John, he said that he did not not what it was about but that he had heard the phrase “table dance” thrown around. As Kiran bowed her head in laughter, a smiling John answered, “You know the memories are foggy. There’s a mist covering all that. I’m not quite sure but I do remember the Flying Saucer–quite an amazing place!”*

Subsequently, as T.J. related his story, he ran video of his interview of two young men drinking at a Flying Saucer table. As the camera panned in, there sat T.J. tightly clutching a beer. After that initial shot, T.J. began to pull his hand away from his glass until it was at a safe distance. When he concluded his report, saying, “We’re just getting started here on day two, stop three of our bus tour,” a smiling, observant Kiran teased, “Alright. That’s why you were only sipping at that beer. You got a long way to go: You gotta, you gotta finish strong.” Beaming broadly, T.J. motioned as if he were “throwing another brew back” and chuckled, “Aw, I thought we edited that part out. I’m sorry.”

But, American Morning fans aren’t. It’s simply a small dose of what the doctor ordered for anemic ratings. Or, rather, Ken Jautz.

American Morning – 10/19/10 (@8:13 a.m. ET)


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2 Responses to “TJ: Table Dances & Beer”

  1. purpleslog Says:

    Off-topic…what was that that Brian K this morning said to/around the cute/young country singer today about him being born to bang things?

  2. jakeho Says:

    Purpleslog, just vintage Brian. As he was conversing about his past and possible future “collaboration” with Band Perry, I believe Brian played off of his supposedly playing the tamborine. Not surprisingly, he used the opportunity to employ a double entendre which seemed to amuse Kimberly Perry.

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