Kyra & John: Still Sitting in a Tree?

Roberts: “I thought I was being ditched.” After interviewing the real “Social NetworkWinklevi, Harvard’s smart male version of the Barbi Twins Friday, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts was clearly impressed. To guest co-host Christine Romans, Roberts noted, “Twenty-nine years old….[They] just got MBA’s from Oxford, they got that huge [$65 million] settlement…[and] they’re stunningly handsome.”* Over an hour later, at the end of the AM, Roberts was still under the spell of the Adonis twins: Tossing to his fiancee and CNN Newsroom host Kyra Phillips, he declared, “Handsome fellows. Yah?”**

Playfully, Phillips responded, “Yes, very handsome! Are they single?” As Roberts bit his tongue for a moment, Romans interjected, “Oh, we didn’t ask that question, Kyra.” Shrugging her shoulders in mock derision, Phillips replied, “Yeah. Hello!”

Having collected his thoughts, Roberts intoned, “It’s a strange question from a woman in your position to be asking, isn’t it?” Raising her eyebrows and smiling faintly, Phillips responded, “Oh, please, I was just asking for all the young ladies in the newsroom who are in their mid-twenties. Yeah, about thirty years older [sic] than you or me.” Reddened, Roberts chortled, “I thought I was being ditched.”

Validating her devotion, Phillips exclaimed, “Never! Never! I love you dearly.” Reassured, a grinning Roberts then remarked, “Yes, they, they are single.”

*American Morning – 10/01/10 (@7:49 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/01/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

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