AM: Romans’ Holiday Ends

CNN biz babe Christine Romans returned to American Morning as the “Money Mommy” from her maternity leave. Introducing the “Minding Your Business segment, co-host Kiran Chetry declared, “This morning we’re in the baby business for a moment. Our own Christine Romans is back. She’s here with a new addition to her family.”* As a photo of Christine’s adorable baby being held by his proud older brother Billy ran, Kiran cooed, “There he is. Look at Mr. Blue Eyes, Edward Arthur. He was born back on July 11.”

When Kiran opined that Christine’s two-old Finn was probably not in the photo because he was jealous of his new “rival,” Christine answered that “he’s kind of got his own deal going on.” Then, segueing to Christine’s segment (with co-host John Roberts and commentator Max Kellermanz), Kiran remarked, “Well, welcome back…You were dearly missed. And, congratulations.”

Taking the toss, John stated, “We were just remarking a second ago [that] she has this uncanny ability. She has a child and it’s like you look like you were never ever pregnant.” Beaming, Christine replied, “Oh! Stop.” Adding his own praise, Max interjected, “You were pregnant”: Gesturing toward his stomach, Max added, “Just like from here up.”

Basking in the compliments, Christine jested, “Aww….Stop. No, no. Keep going! Keep going!” Doing just that, John asserted, “You’re just a pro at having babies. Welcome back! It’s great to see you.” Smiling appreciatively, Christine responded, “Thanks, thanks. I love it. I love being the Money Mommy. I love it!”

Yes. Welcome back and congrats, Money Honey! Er, Money Mommy!

*American Morning – 09/27/10 (@6:19 a.m. ET)


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