Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A.

Fox & Friends Weekend’s Fall? On the very first autumn weekend, Fox & Friends Weekend‘s meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was missing: Noone seemed to notice. On-set colleagues, co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris (and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick) did not even mention Rick’s absence. More tellingly, F&FW producers offered no replacement for Rick nor did they feature any weather segment.

So, where is Rick Reichmuth? Not even officemate and BFF Dave Briggs seems to know. The F&FW co-anchor (apparently, not watching the program) ironically Tweeted, “Ahh to sleep in on a Saturday morning, miss you @ClaytonMorris, @rickreichmuth & @alyatfox.” So, do his F&FW viewers–the ones actually watching today.

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A. Missing in Autumn. But, more importantly, Missing in Action. And, remarkably, without a clue, at least, to the Fox & Friends Weekend audience.

Update: Rick Reichmuth found. Tweeting in, Rick replied: “@Jakeho dude I’m sick as a dog. Horrible flu came on fast last night.”


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2 Responses to “Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A.”

  1. CathyG Says:

    Thought the team mentioned Rick had flu right at the beginning of the show.

    PS The more I see of Mike Jerrick the more I like the guy. He’s a natural fit on the Fox and Friends couch

  2. jakeho Says:

    CathyG, they did mention it Sunday but they neglected to do so Saturday. As to Mike, he embodies “old-school” F&FW and is assuredly a natural on the curvy couch.

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