F&FW Bromances: “Man Up”

Rick: “Dave, you’re my BFF.” When Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-anchor Eric “Jock Rocks” Bolling told co-host Dave Briggs to “man up,” that was not necessarily what he had in mind. When the former Pittsburg Pirate (and FBN Money Rocks anchor) told Dave to do just that during an office nap story, he was merely ribbing him for his penchant for sleeping during the work day: he had no idea that it would be a clarion call for the celebration of F&FW bromances.

Subsequently, during a second-hour segment on new Oxford American Dictionary words (including “bromance” and “BFF”), co-host Alisyn Camerota kidded Dave that she witnessed a bromance between him and their vacationing F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris on the curvy couch every Saturday and Sunday. When producers shortly thereafter showed a clip of “I Love You, Man,” F&FW weatherguy Rick Reichmuth dared to disclose that he had been on a man-date with co-anchor Clayton Morris to that very movie. When Dave teased him about his bromance with Clayton, Rick gamely remarked that that was when it began. Adding her feminine fuel to the fire, Aly jested about the bromance buds’ discomfort of sharing popcorn. Seeming to have had enough of the discussion of this type of Fox News male love, Eric stood up and said, “I’m outta of here!”And, he was. [Of course, he came back.]

Later, bromance was in the air anew in the final hour as the co-hosts discussed the latest O.A.D. entries. Once again, Aly piqued Dave, joshing, “Well, bromance is obviously something you live every day, the bromance.”** Almost aping a schoolyard taunt, Dave lamely retorted, “And, your BFF, Rick.” As Eric groaned, “Oh, my goodness!,” Dave continued, “Is Rick your BFF? Or, does it have to be a female?” Meanwhile, Rick appeared in a split screen with the trio of co-hosts as Aly explained, “It has to be a girl.” Grinning, Rick interposed, “Dave, you’re my BFF.” As Eric smiled, rolled his eyes, and shook his head in disbelief,” a dimpled Dave declared, “Aww, I appreciate it, Ricky.”

Eric: not so much.

*Fox & Friends – 09/19/10 (@9:33 a.m. ET)

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