Janice Dean: “I Was at a Strip Club”

“Yes, I’ve been to strip clubs.” Fox News weathergal Janice Dean, the Dancing Machine, defended the IQ’s of exotic dancers on Red Eye in the wee hours of Saturday morning.* After RE host Greg Gutfeld derided the mental acumen of ecdysiasts (during a segment on a British study showing that 25% of striptease artists have a college degree), Janice remarked, “Listen, I’m the one here to dispel the myth that strippers are dumb because I, I have met smart strippers in my lifetime.” Laughing lubriciously, she added, “Last night, for instance.”

Elaborating, Janice remarked, “This is a true story. It didn’t necessarily happen last night. But, I was at a strip club and the person next to me was getting a lapdance. The stripper was very nice. She was kind of looking at me a little bit funny, right? But, then…she kind of leaned over–this is a true story…yes, I’ve been to strip clubs–[and] she said, ‘I know you: you’re Janice Dean, the Weather Machine. I watch Fox all the time.'” Smiling, Janice concluded, “They are smart!”

Enjoying Janice’s bawdy banter, Greg comically queried, “Janice, when you go in your condition, do you have to pay twice for the lapdance? And, can pregnant women have a lapdance because I think that might be problematic?” Janice answered, “I will tell you this. I have not been to a strip club pregnant.” Goatishly, Greg jested, “Really? Have you left one pregnant?” Giggling, Janice racily responded, “No comment!”

First, Domenica Davis. Now, Janice Dean. Fox News Weathergirls Gone Wild!

*Red Eye – 08/28/10 (@3:32 a.m. ET)

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