Janice Dean: “Baby Machine 2.0”

“Hurricane Mama” returns! Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean announced that she is doing a sequel to her successful 2008 opus on America Live* Monday.* During her weather report on then Tropical Storm Danielle, Janice slyly said, “I just want to go over the Atlantic Basin names. Of course, we’ve gone through Alex, Bonnie, Colin, and Danielle. And, I just want to point out Matthew. My son’s name is Matthew.” Then, teasing her fans (who may have remembered that she had proclaimed her pregnancy with Matthew using a virtually identical Happening Now “hurricane” names backdrop),  she commented, “And, you know, Megyn, I’m just wondering. Do you see any other good boy names?” Less coyly, she continued,  “I think I’m gonna need another good boy name in the next couple of months.”

Feigning surprise, AL anchor Megyn Kelly asked, “Aw. Yay! Wait a minute. Are you just outing yourself right now?” Joyfully, Janice answered, “There, I just buried the lead. News flash for Megyn. Yep, I’m gonna have a little baby boy.” Jesting, she exclaimed, “This is not a beer belly! Okay? It used to be! Not any more.” Without prodding, Janice added, “February. Early February.”

As an aside to her audience, Megyn declared, “Now, I confess. I knew that secret but our viewers did not know our secret.” Then, in response to Janice’s initial query about a “good boy name,” Megyn joked, “I’m gonna go with Igor.” Recoiling with mock horror, Janice queried, “Can we rethink that, maybe?” Amused, Megyn riposted, “How about Earl?” Janice retorted, “Maybe, not!” Then, pointing at the AL viewers through the camera, Janice requested, “But, send us your suggestions.”

Congratulations, Janice, to you and hubby Sean!

[Author’s aside: Janice has long fostered a personal connection with her Fox News fans. She has done so successfully by readily sharing her joys (family, e.g., wedding to hubby Sean Newman, their honeymoon together, and their son Matthew’s advent birth) and her challenges (e.g., living with muscular sclerosis) with them.  As a result, the “Weather Machine,” the “Dancing Machine” and the “Baby Machine” appears to be not just a TV talking head but a real, sweet, down-to-earth Canuck.]

H/t to J$.

*(Vid via J$.)

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4 Responses to “Janice Dean: “Baby Machine 2.0””

  1. Al Says:

    As a welcome bonus that I truly hope Ms. Dean receives, the progression of multiple sclerosis along its associated exacerbations usually stops throughout pregnancy. Many women have reported, “This is the best I’ve felt in years!”

  2. jakeho Says:

    Hope you’re right as to Janice, Al.

  3. sharon kelley Says:

    did you have your baby yet??? boy or girl?

  4. jakeho Says:

    Sharon, Janice had a baby boy, Theodore Patrick, on February 7. For her pics link and more info, cf.

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